During the day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a Russian barge and three “Pantsir”

Ukrainian military forces destroyed a Russian barge and three Pantsirs in 24 hours

Over the past day, Ukrainian servicemen destroyed an enemy barge near Kherson and liquidated three «Pantsir-S1» complexes. This was reported by the Operational Command «South».

In the Kherson and Berislav regions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit four pockets of enemy weapons and equipment and four ammunition depots.

Enemy losses in total per day amounted to:

  • 77 Russians;
  • six tanks;
  • five howitzers, including self-propelled «Msta-S&#187 ;,
  • three anti-aircraft cannon-missile systems «Pantsir-S1»;
  • 14 vehicles.

In addition, the Ukrainian defenders destroyed another barge of the occupiers in the Kherson region. An enemy drone «Orlan-10» was destroyed in the Bashtansky district of the Nikolaev region. In just a day, Ukrainian aviation delivered 10 strikes against the enemy, and rocket and artillery units completed 250 fire missions.

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