During the retreat from the Kharkov region, many soldiers from Kaliningrad were captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Many servicemen from Kaliningrad were taken prisoner by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

During the retreat from the Kharkov region, many Russian soldiers from Kaliningrad were captured by Ukrainian soldiers. «Agency«.

The journalists analyzed more than 30 videos showing at least 62 Russian prisoners. Among those Russians who said in which region they served, most of all were soldiers from Kaliningrad. So, at least 12 prisoners who were captured on video served in the region, another said that he served in the Baltic Fleet.

One of the prisoners said that he served in unit No. 06414 (7th separate guards motorized rifle regiment, location – Kaliningrad). Another place of service called the 4th motorized rifle company. Both said that the name of their commander was Zavadsky.

On September 11, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced that the motorized rifle regiment, commanded by Colonel Alexander Zavadsky, “repulsed the attack of nationalists on an important strategic point – the village of Savintsy, Kharkov region.” Then the defense department stated that Zavadsky allegedly «thwarted the offensive of the nationalists and organized the transfer of troops to the reserve line without losses».

According to the database of the “Project” “Who is fighting in Ukraine”, Oleksandr Zavadsky – Commander of the 7th motorized rifle regiment of the coastal troops of the Baltic Fleet.

Journalists also pay attention to the fact that among the videos published on the Web there are few videos of dead Russian soldiers. This may confirm reports that the retreat of the Russian army was not accompanied by serious battles.

  • The German publication Die Welt, citing Ukrainian officials, reported that during the offensive near Kharkov, the Armed Forces of Ukraine captured “thousands of Russian military”.
  • According to Forbes estimates, during the week of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the invaders lost almost $ 700 million worth of equipment.

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