Earthquake in China kills at least 66, army and firefighters mobilized

The earthquake in China killed at least 66, army and firefighters mobilized

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">More than 11,000 people have been evacuated from areas prone to landslides or building collapse

Thousands of firefighters and soldiers are working in China on Tuesday to pull possible survivors from the rubble and help the local population, after a powerful earthquake in a mountainous area has already killed 66 people. .

A magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck southwestern Sichuan Province on Monday, according to the United States Institute of Geological Survey. (USGS), the world's reference organization for earthquakes.

The epicenter is in Luding Township, an area of ​​valleys, rushing rivers and narrow roads located on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau, about 200 kilometers west of the provincial capital Chengdu. /p>

Everyone is in tents set up by rescuers and the army, said Chen Ling, a restaurant owner in Moxi town, one of the places most affected.

It's safer to be here, because there are still aftershocks and then tiles can easily fall from buildings. The electricity is off, but they have installed generators for us, she says again. x27;activity resumes.

State media broadcast images of area residents temporarily relocated to large blue or green tents.

Yang Qing, the owner of another Moxi restaurant, is one of them.

“All buildings are at risk of collapse. Some have not crumbled, but all have cracks.

—Yang Qing, owner of a restaurant in Moxi

A lot of roads have been cut off, she adds. On the emergency side, it works pretty well. We have been given instant noodles, water and basic necessities are coming.

Thirty-eight people died in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garze, where the epicenter is located, and 28 in neighboring Shimian Township, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

This brings the current death toll from the earthquake to 66 for this earthquake in Sichuan, already hit this summer by the heat wave.

More than 11,000 people have been evacuated from areas prone to landslides or building collapses, CCTV pointed out.

The channel aired video on Tuesday showing firefighters in orange gear pulling a young woman covered in bruises from the rubble of a building, before transporting her on a stretcher to an ambulance.

In other images, you could see wooden and concrete buildings gutted, even in unstable balance.

Some roads, cut, have become impassable, forcing rescuers to cross some rivers using makeshift bridges or cables stretched from one bank to the other.

Nearly 250 injured and 12 missing are also listed in the various counts made public by state media.

In addition, about 200 people are trapped in the Hailuo Valley, a high-altitude tourist snow-capped natural area, CCTV reported.

The Chinese army announced on Tuesday that it has already deployed 1,900 soldiers to help search for the missing and rescue the population affected by the earthquake.

At least 10 magnitude aftershocks equal to or greater than 3 have been recorded since the first earthquake, according to a last count made on Tuesday by the China Center for Seismic Networks (CENC).

A preliminary investigation by the Ministry of Water Resources also found damage, of an unspecified extent, at seven hydroelectric power stations, CCTV noted.

The earthquake Monday also shook buildings in the provincial capital Chengdu, whose 21 million people are currently confined to their homes due to an outbreak of COVID-19.

Sichuan, known worldwide for its giant panda reserves, is regularly hit by earthquakes.

In June, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake had already shook the province, killing at least four people and injuring dozens.

In May 2008, a very powerful earthquake, of magnitude 7.9, left 87,000 dead or missing in Sichuan and caused a national shock.

Among the victims were thousands of students, killed in the collapse of precariously constructed schools. Police at the time arrested activists who were trying to count the precise number of children who died in the disaster.

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