Elena Zelenskaya: Son tells everyone that he wants to be a military man

Elena Zelenskaya: The son tells everyone that he wants to be a military man

The nine-year-old son of Vladimir and Elena Zelensky, Kirill, wants to be a military man. The first lady of Ukraine spoke about this in an interview with the British weekly The Economist.

– I really hope that when he turns 18, we will live for many years in a free and peaceful country. The worst thing is that he tells everyone that he wants to be a military man,” she said.

The wife of the president also said that she still sees her husband no more than once or twice a week.

< p> The First Lady reported that she lived the first days of the Russian attack “on a mixture of adrenaline and valerian”. Zelenskaya did not see her husband for more than two months.

Earlier, Elena Zelenskaya said that their son, like many Ukrainian children, now dreams of becoming a military man and already knows all brands of weapons. The 17-year-old daughter of the president and the first lady will enter the Ukrainian university, despite the war. Alexandra chose a humanitarian direction.

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