Elie Semoun, absent against his will at his mother’s funeral: “I was 11 years old”

On Wednesday December 9, 2020, LCP viewers will be able to discover the documentary “Mon vieux”, directed by Elie Semoun. It pays tribute to his father Paul, suffering from Alzheimer’s and who died in a retirement home last September, via family archive images.
On Wednesday December 9, 2020, Elie Semoun presents Mon vieux , a documentary broadcast from 8:30 p.m. on LCP. With this new project, the actor pays tribute to his dad, Paul , who died this year in a retirement home in such a special context. On many occasions, the comedian had deplored the mandatory distance because of the pandemic.

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In the columns of the Parisian , December 9, 2020, Elie Semoun again regretted this lack of contact with his dad, Paul, suffering from Alzheimer’s . He says it again, love is what saves. ” It may be the only medicine. Obviously I regret that my father is dead. But what I regret even more is not being able to hug him, kiss him, tell him that I am. love … I was in Brussels at my friend’s house when the establishment called me. I was told: hurry up, we think he is waiting for you before dying. Five hours later, he was dead … Tell your loved ones that you love you love them, remember, many do not, out of decency, or put things off … ”

In My Old Man, Elie Semoun also looks back on the unique relationship he had with his dad. As a child, he was very marked by his almost cruel reaction to the death of his mother , when he was only eleven years old. ” The illness also allowed me to forgive him. For a long time I resented the attitude he had when my mother died, I was eleven years old and we weren’t at his funeral, we was even aware that two days after his death … ” lamented the comedian at Le Parisien .

A documentary made of family films and testimonies very difficult to achieve: the wound of the death of his father is still alive, for Elie Semoun, but also for his sister Anne. ” She does not have my shamelessness and finally, she thanked me, now we can look at him and it’s not so sad after all, ” said Elie Semoun. It was also with her that he organized himself to stay with their father in his last moments. ” It pained us to know it alone, but after a while, I broke down completely, my sister took over. Then it was no longer possible. Paradoxically, the disease brought them closer together “, estimates- he does today.

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