Elizabeth II, the globe-trotting queen | Queen Elizabeth II against all odds

Élisabeth II, the globe-trotting queen | Queen Élisabeth II through thick and thin

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip leaving for a 45-day Canadian tour in 1959

During her 70-year reign, Elizabeth II was the most traveled head of state in history. Here are the official visits the Queen has taken since 1952.

On average, she visited four countries a year on state visits or visits to Commonwealth countries. In 1966 she visited 16 countries as part of a royal tour of the Caribbean, then 13 countries in 1977 to celebrate the 25th year of her coronation.

Her first visit after her coronation was to Kenya, a Commonwealth country, in February 1952.

The Queen has subsequently visited almost every Commonwealth country except from Cameroon, Rwanda, Togo and Gabon.

Of the approximately 200 official visits to Commonwealth countries, the Queen made 22 official tours to Canada, more than to any other Commonwealth country. Other Commonwealth countries she has visited the most include Australia (16 times) and New Zealand (10 times).

She has also attended 19 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings, including 3 in Australia and 2 in Canada.

The Queen made her last visit in 2015 official in a Commonwealth country, Malta.

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Elizabeth II visited all regions of Canada. She was present at the inauguration of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959, Canada's centennial and Expo 67 in 1967, as well as the Montreal Olympics in 1976.

On her first visit, in 1951, she made her first live televised address.

In 1977, while celebrating her silver jubilee in Ottawa, she declared at the opening of the parliamentary session: Whenever I am in this magnificent country of Canada, with its innumerable resources and its infinite possibilities, I am grateful to see that Canadians have succeeded in establishing a vigorous democracy, in the image of their people, both free and proud.

His time in Quebec, October 10, 1964, will remain marked in the collective memory of Quebec as being the Saturday of the truncheon because of the repression, by the police, of any demonstration in the city of Quebec.

On July 1, 1967, while in Ottawa for Canada's 100th anniversary celebrations, she instituted the Order of Canada.

In 1982, the Queen traveled to Ottawa to take part in the signing of the proclamation for the patriation of the Constitution.

Her last visit to Canadian soil was in 2010. Accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, she visited Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Toronto. Throughout my life, I have witnessed more than half of the history of this country since its Confederation, she said then. I have watched with the greatest admiration as Canada grows and evolves while remaining true to its history, its distinctive character and its values.

Since the beginning of his reign, 13 prime ministers have been elected in Canada.

Beginning of the list Photo album of 11 elements. Skip the list?Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Canada on October 6, 1964, en route to the Confederation Center of the Arts in Charlottetown, at the Prince Edward Island.The Royal Family in Montreal for the Montreal Olympics. Princess Anne (second from left in the photo), an accomplished rider, represented Great Britain at the Olympic Games at the time.Pierre Elliott Trudeau pirouettes behind Queen Elizabeth II during a photo session on May 7, 1977 at Buckingham Palace in London, England.On April 17, 1982, a new Canadian constitution was ratified by Queen Elizabeth II.On April 17, 1982, a new Constitution of Canada was ratified by Queen Elizabeth II.After the Queen signed the constitutional proclamation on April 17, 1982, Prime Minister Trudeau placed his seal of approval on the document.Prime Minister Brian Mulroney toasts with Queen Elizabeth II during a ceremony in Quebec City on October 23, 1987.Queen Elizabeth II and Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien at a State dinner in Toronto in 1997.Prime Minister Paul Martin greets Queen Elizabeth II during a ceremony in Regina, Saskatchewan on May 18, 2005.Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Queen Elizabeth II on Canada Day, July 1, 2010, in Ottawa.Justin Trudeau met Queen Elizabeth II in March 2022.1/11Queen Elizabeth II while in Canada on October 6, 1964, en route to the Confederation Center of the Arts in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island .Photo:Getty Images/Terry FincherView Previous ImageView Next ImageEnd of listing 11-piece photo album. Back to top of list?

Queen Elizabeth II did not have a UK passport for overseas travel, as all UK passports are issued in Her Majesty's name. All other members of the Royal Family hold passports.

In addition to her visits to Commonwealth countries, Queen Elizabeth II has made nearly 100 state visits. Among the countries where she took part in such visits: France (6 trips), the United States (5), the Vatican (4), Italy (4), Germany (4) and Belgium (4). She visited over 200 cities.

Countries she never visited during her reign include Israel, Cuba, Madagascar, Peru and Ukraine .

The Queen has never visited Greece since her coronation. Recall that the family of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, was expelled from Greece in 1922, with the overthrow of the monarchy.

His last trip to #x27;State took place in Germany, in June 2015.

In addition, it should be noted that Queen Elizabeth II usually received one or two visiting heads of state every year. Heads of state from over 60 countries have taken part in official visits with the Queen.

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