Emmanuel Macron celebrates his 43 years, a very gloomy birthday without Brigitte

This Monday, December 21, 2020 is not a day like any other for Emmanuel Macron. The President of the Republic celebrates his 43 years. Isolated at La Lanterne, in Versailles, after having tested positive for Covid-19, the Head of State is deprived of the one that matters most to him: his wife Brigitte.
Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron are not the type to organize big celebrations for their birthdays, but they are used to celebrating them together, in complete privacy . Unfortunately, this year, the President of the Republic must deal with an unforeseen event, and of size!

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On December 17, the Elysee Palace announced that the Head of State had tested positive for Covid-19 . As soon as he learned of this result, Emmanuel Macron isolated himself at La Lanterne, in Versailles, therefore moving away from his wife for a week. The first lady, unaffected by the coronavirus , remained at the Elysee Palace. It is therefore alone, without Brigitte, that the president blows out his 43rd birthday this Monday, December 21, 2020. Last year, he celebrated his birthday in Abidjan, during an official trip .

The situation is unprecedented and changes the habits of the presidential couple. ” Usually, during the week, there are always moments devoted to Brigitte, during which he puts his phone down. But here, Brigitte is not there, so he does not have to put his phone down often … “, a source close to Emmanuel Macron told the Journal du dimanche (December 20 edition). Extremely close-knit, Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron do not separate very rarely.

Since the President of the Republic has tested positive for Covid-19, the news is frequent, to follow the evolution of his state of health.

On the evening of Friday, December 18, Emmanuel Macron himself posted a video on his social networks . Although the features drawn, the president wished to reassure the French, while having the same symptoms as the day before, ” fatigue, headaches, dry cough “. While he had promised to ” report every day on the evolution of the disease “, Emmanuel Macron kept his word. The Elysée provided an update of his state of health on Saturday, December 19 . He ” still presents the same symptoms of Covid-19 disease (fatigue, cough, muscle aches) which in no way prevent him from fulfilling his functions”, it was indicated in a brief statement. Emmanuel Macron participated in a defense council Sunday, December 20, which took place by videoconference at 5:00 p.m. He also participated in the Council of Ministers this morning, still in videoconferencing.

For now, the head of state does not yet know if he will be able to find his wife for Christmas. A new PCR test scheduled for December 24 will provide the long-awaited answer.

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