Emmanuel Macron “still has symptoms”, the Elysee gives news

The news had the effect of a bomb Thursday: Emmanuel Macron contracted the coronavirus, after ten months of health crisis. Immediately isolated and installed far from the Elysee Palace, the president continues to face the symptoms of Covid-19.
The President of the Republic presents a ” stable state of health ” this December 19, 2020. The Elysée Palace gave news of Emmanuel Macron in a press release relayed Saturday morning by AFP. The 42-year-old head of state is still in solitary confinement at La Lanterne, in Versailles, after testing positive for the coronavirus on Thursday . The results of his clinical and paraclinical examinations ” have proved to be reassuring “.

The president ” still presents the same symptoms of the Covid-19 disease (fatigue, cough, muscle aches) which in no way prevent him from fulfilling his duties, ” added the brief press release on Saturday, signed by Dr. Jean-Christophe Perrochon, Chief physician of the Presidency of the Republic. On Friday, the head of state posted a video on social networks to give his news. ” I’m fine, ” he said in this 3min22 sequence, filmed with his smartphone. The features a little drawn, he added to have the same symptoms as the day before, ” fatigue, headaches, dry cough ” and promised to ” report every day on the evolution of the disease “.

Also in this video, Emmanuel Macron said he did not know how he contracted the disease: ” I am very careful. I respect barrier gestures, distances, I put on the mask, I put on hydroalcoholic gel on a regular basis. And despite everything, I caught this virus, maybe probably a moment of neglect, a moment of bad luck too, but it is so, “he admitted, while having dinner on Wednesday with officials of the majority continue to make a lot of noise …

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