Employees of the hospital in Kherson told how the invaders asked to invent a diagnosis for them in order to return home

Hospital staff in Kherson told how the occupiers asked them to invent a diagnosis in order to return home

The Wall Street Journal reporters told how the employees of the Tropinka hospital in Kherson have resisted the Russian occupation since the beginning of spring.

In August, according to doctors, Russian soldiers began to come to the hospital en masse . They asked to “think up” a diagnosis for them in order to return home faster. “One guy said that he had problems with his knees,” said Andrey Koksharov, head of the traumatology department at Path.

According to him, the scan showed that the soldier did not have any problems, but he asked to “exaggerate the diagnosis.” Dr. Koksharov wrote that he had arthritis and needed to leave the front. “The fewer, the better. I was ready to issue a diagnosis for the entire army,” says the doctor.

The management and leading employees of the “Tropinka” initially took a pro-Ukrainian position. When the Russian military first came to the hospital in March, they ordered the chief physician, Leonid Remiga, to take down the Ukrainian flag over the main entrance. He refused, saying that he would rather be shot. A few days later, the Russian military again came to the hospital and announced plans to turn the hospital into a military hospital. The head physician told them that the hospital was under quarantine due to the coronavirus outbreak, after which the occupiers left.

Remiga recalls that the Russian security forces tried to win over. Including, presumably, FSB officers came to him and asked if the hospital needed anything. Once he asked for insulin and got it the next day.

In June, according to WP, Remiga was summoned to a meeting, as it turned out, with Vadim Ilmiev, who was appointed «minister» healthcare area. The head physician says that Ilmiyev yelled at him and accused him of spreading anti-Russian sentiment in the hospital. After that, Remiga was fired, and head nurse Larisa Maleta was appointed in his place. Remiga said that he was threatened with prison, and after the conversation he had a stroke.

Remiga spent about two months in the hospital, during which time he helped Maleta manage the staff. According to Maleta and Remiga, they tried to pretend that they were subordinate to the Russian military. However, on August 1, Maleta left for the territories controlled by Ukraine, after which the military began to look for Remiga. He was detained at the end of September and released a week later on the condition that he stay away from the hospital. The medic said that the Russian security forces forced the detainees to say “glory to Russia” and “glory to Putin” and learn the Russian anthem, and those who refused were beaten.

Before Russia retreated from Kherson, officials came to the hospital and, according to According to WSJ interlocutors, they were looking for equipment that they could pick up. Employees then took the computers home from the hospital so that they could not be stolen. One doctor hid the CT scanner remote and said it wouldn't work if they took it. As a result, only a microscope and a centrifuge were taken from the hospital.

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