Energoatom: There are signs that the Russians may leave ZNPP

Energoatom: There are indications that the Russians may leave ZNPP

< p>President of NAEC «Energoatom» Petr Kotin said that now there are signs that the Russian invaders may be preparing to leave the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. He announced this on the air of the national marathon.

«In recent weeks, we actually receive information that there are signs that they (the occupiers – ed.) may be going to leave the ZNPP . Firstly, a lot of publications began to appear in the Russian press that the Zaporizhzhya NPP, perhaps, should be abandoned, perhaps it should be transferred to the IAEA under control. You know, it gives the impression that they are packing their bags and that they are stealing everything they can find», — said Kotin.

He stressed that «it is too early to say that the Russian military is leaving ZNPP», but we can say that they are «preparing» .« and mined the territory of the station.

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