Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova: Their twins Lucy and Nicholas, their lookalikes at 3 years old

On Wednesday December 16, 2020, Lucy and Nicholas blew out three beautiful birthday candles. Their mom, Anna Kournikova posted rare photos of the siblings on Instagram.
It has been three years since Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias became parents of twins. Three years of pairs of diapers to change, double bottles to prepare and double doses of crying in the middle of the night, rewarded today by all the tenderness that Lucy and Nicholas inspire . On Wednesday December 16, 2020, on the occasion of their 3rd birthday, the former tennis champion posted several photos of the twins on Instagram.

It is very difficult not to let out a little cry of emotion when you discover the face of little Nicholas, worthy of a Kinder advertisement. In addition to being absolutely delicious, the little boy with big brown eyes looks like two drops of water to his dad, Enrique Iglesias. Many Internet users have underlined their common features. Cap inside out and small half-open polo shirt: Nicholas already has all the basics to become a true Latin lover .

Sharing her brother’s big chocolate eyes, Lucy has grown up just as well . Plump cheekbones, very blond hair and a mischievous look: the little girl appears changed. Rather discreet about her life as a mother, Anna Kournikova rarely shares photos of her children. Today, we see that the twins have grown well. At 3 years old, it should not be long before they start school for the first time.

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