Epicenter confirmed that they had nothing to do with the opening of a hypermarket in Kherson


The occupying authorities of Kherson announced the opening of the “Epicenter” hypermarket, which was stolen from the owners along with the goods. The message of the Russian edition of TASS says that the store began to import goods from Russia, and you can pay in rubles and hryvnia.

– On June 16, the military-civilian administration of the Kherson region announced that it had taken over the Epicenter hypermarket. It is state-funded by Russia, has been restored and is open to buyers, the message says.

In the language of the occupiers, “accept on balance” means to steal the trademark and goods. In a comment to KP in Ukraine, the head of the PR department at Epicenter K, Yulia Chudnovets, confirmed that the company had nothing to do with the operation of the hypermarket in Russian-occupied Kherson.

– On June 1, armed people entered the premises of the Epicenter shopping center and the Novaya Liniya hypermarket in Kherson, who identified themselves as representatives of the occupation authorities and began to dictate their working conditions. Accordingly, we have lost control over the financial activities of retail facilities, personnel management, operation and delivery of goods. Since the occupation of Kherson, no new deliveries of goods to the Epicenter and the New Line have been carried out through the network. However, at that time they had significant inventories, the further fate of which we do not know, – said Chudnovets.

According to a company representative, due to hostilities, shopping centers in Chernihiv, Mariupol and Buche. As a result of the missile strike, Epicenter lost five stores in the capital's Retroville shopping mall. Artillery shelling damaged shopping centers in Kharkov. Another part of the Epicenter shopping center stopped working as a result of the occupation of part of the Ukrainian territories in the east and south of the country.

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