Eric and Quentin: One of the two has been in a relationship for 6 years

Every week, Jarry obtains exclusive and very personal confidences from his guests in his famous “Jarry Show”, broadcast on YouTube. This time, it was the comic duo Eric and Quentin who stuck to it. The opportunity to learn a little more about their private life.
Eric and Quentin are a pair (revealed in Le Petit Journal de Canal + by Yann Barthès ), but in private, each has their own life. Is it lonely or shared? Jarry got the answer in the new issue of his Jarry Show available since Wednesday, December 23, 2020 on his YouTube channel.

Lucie Bernardoni secretly as a couple in the Star Ac & # 039; : revelations 16 years later
Lucie Bernardoni secretly as a couple in the Star Ac ‘: revelations 16 years later
Installed on the famous swings facing Jarry, a cozy atmosphere conducive to personal confidences, Eric and Quentin spoke of their love life.

This is how we learned that Eric (Eric Metzger of his real name) is not in a relationship. ” I have the right to be single ?! “, he launched to Jarry, when the private life aspect arrived on the carpet. “ But how is that possible? ” Asked Jarry then. “ Life makes us separate, you meet another person and then you separate, ” Eric explained. Quentin (Quentin Margot’s real name) then got involved, saying that this celibacy is also, in part, his fault. ” When he has girls, I’ll see him … (…) I soap the board a little for him “, he blurted out, in a tone of humor of course, wishing only happiness to his sidekick.

Then came Quentin’s turn to be “cooked” on his love life. He told Jarry to be in a relationship ” for six years “, and that ” it is going very well “. Eric could not help but make a joke, saying that Quentin is his stepfather since he is dating his “daronne”. ” That’s why we are so good together “, he added, to the delight of Jarry, hilarious. More seriously, Quentin made it clear that he sees Eric as much as his “girl”. So it’s almost like they’re part of the family.

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