Eurovision winner Kalush Orchestra: Pole Ohman's song is in my top 5

Eurovision winner Kalush Orchestra: Pole Ohman's song is in my top 5

I liked the reporter's panama hat

Kalush Orchestra , who won the Eurovision Song Contest this year with a song about the mother of soloist Oleg Psyuk “Stefania”, have already returned to Ukraine and gave their first press conference.

Journalists were gathered in a room that turned out to be too tiny for so many people who wanted to talk with the winners. In the crowd one could see one pink panama hat – the guy reporter, another black adorned the head of a journalist. There were no more fans of the Kalush headdress among the journalists, but the soloist of the Kalush Orchestra personally noted the reporter's pink hat.

– A fashionable hat, – he threw into the audience. – Respect!

The event started with a delay of four minutes. The musicians themselves looked tired, but behaved at ease. They did not seat dear guests – the press conference was given standing up. Almost did not smile, only sometimes one of them flashed a gold tooth. The “man-carpet” was the most nervous – he rubbed his hands, gasped for air, straightened the painted “skin”. He must have been hot.

The soloist of the group Oleg Psyuk in a traditional pink panama greeted those who came with the words: “Good afternoon! How can you do it?” This caused minor chuckles – things are going the same for everyone in a warring country.

– First of all, we want to express our gratitude to the people of all countries, especially the Ukrainians who were abroad and voted for us, – without waiting for answers, Oleg Psyuk began. – This victory is very important for us, and I am very glad that we managed to cheer up our people. We have the hope that this victory will provide an example and motivation and lead to our main victory. Glory to Ukraine!

The dream is to record a song with the idol Eminem

The soloist complained that there are several thousand congratulatory messages in his two Telegrams. It is even hard to say which of the artists was the first to congratulate.

– My girlfriend congratulated me first, – Oleg Psyuk remembered. – From the performers – there it started … There are a couple of thousand messages, and I still have not answered. We must see.

The artist was also upset by the assessment of Poland by the Ukrainian jury, who gave zero points to the performer from a country that showed great compassion and mercy to the Ukrainians during the war.

– In fact, a very strange situation, – the artist thought. – I myself feel uncomfortable in front of Poland. I personally like Ohman's song and it's in my top 5… I don't know about the rating, but we have hope that our friends won't hold a grudge against anyone…

When asked, with who would like to record the song, Oleg Psyuk answered without delay: “My favorite is Eminem. I hope the time will come and we will have a song.”

– Our goal is to make Ukrainian music popular not only in Ukraine, but in the whole world. And Eurovision was a good platform to declare our culture, – says Oleg Psyuk. – And in the future, we have a goal to make collaborations with world stars, and it is the Ukrainian language and songs to bring to the borders, to the West, maybe to America. These are ambitious goals.

Eurovision winner Kalush Orchestra: The song of the Pole Ohman is in my top 5

The press conference passed quickly – the artists did not even sit down. Photo: Tys Nikolai/UNIAN

Such panama hats are no longer produced

The journalists could not ignore the soloist's Panama hat, which became the symbol of the group. As it turned out, if someone wants to buy the same one, they won’t be able to, they don’t make it exactly the same anymore.

– I have several of these panama hats, but this particular panama hat that I’m wearing is this the collection is no longer produced, they are not so easy to find, – explains Oleg Psyuk. – Panama hats with our brand can be found on our Instagram.

Oleg did not think about selling the victorious Panama for the sake of helping the army, but for this he is going to sell the figurine for winning Eurovision. Soon on the group's Instagram there will be information about the auction, where it will be possible to buy it. The funds will be donated to help the army.

– There are many people who can donate large amounts, and the statuette will be an additional motivation to donate for the benefit of Ukraine and the army, Oleg Psyuk believes.

The artist also said about his favorite embroidered shirt with Kalush patterns.

– But we didn’t perform with her, she doesn’t fit a little in size. We will adjust it yet, – said the artist. – As for the captar (casing. – Author), it seemed to us just cool to show it the way it should be, – the soloist of the group explained the preference for traditional Ukrainian clothes on stage. – But there are always people who like to put all these questions in a different way… We hope that everyone is still satisfied with the result, and it is not in vain that we have prepared in this way.

“We have gone through a lot – I don’t want to give insiders”

Oleg confesses that his mother Stefania, to whom the song is dedicated, did not sleep until three in the morning and was worried about her son.

– She is happy, of course. The song that I dedicated to my mother won the Eurovision Song Contest and brought victory to Ukraine, – Oleg Psyuk recalls the reaction of his mother. – What other emotions can there be?

He himself, it seems, could not fully believe that what was happening was not a dream.

– The next morning when I woke up – I will not forget this feeling – my first thought was: “We won Eurovision!” – continues the artist. – It's very direct … The good feeling in the body has passed. It was very difficult and hard mentally, we went through a lot of different things – I don’t want to give different insiders now, but we did it! Many thanks to the team, everyone who was with us, and everyone who supported us! We went to this victory for a very long time and every day we didn’t get enough sleep and did our best. These emotions are hard to convey – when they announced victory. Now our reaction is spreading on Tik-Toke – it is very cool.

When asked how he feels about the fact that Eurovision 2023 could be held in Poland due to the war in Ukraine, Oleg expressed the hope that the contest could still be held in Ukraine. But I appreciated the gesture of Poland and other countries that are ready to host it instead of Ukraine.

– I hope that next year Ukraine will still host Eurovision, and it will be held in a rebuilt and happy Ukraine, – said Oleg.

The head of the board of “Suspilna” Nikolai Chernotitsky decided to clarify the situation. He said that everything possible is now being done to ensure that Eurovision takes place here.

– I hope that it will take place in a peaceful country, but the security factor is an important one, and the final decision will be made jointly with the European Broadcasting Union, – said Chernotitsky. – These will be difficult negotiations, I am sure of this, but in 2017, when they were held in Kyiv, there was a big discussion, and, for example, then Ukraine pledged the so-called financial guarantee in the amount of 15 million euros – in case something something went wrong, for this money Eurovision would have been hosted by another country. This question is much more complex than just a wish, but nevertheless, I am sure that we need to do our best to have Eurovision here.

Eurovision winner Kalush Orchestra: Pole Ohman's song is in my top 5

Stand, on which those who wished could perpetuate the name of their mother. Photo: Anna Mishchishin

Raise money for the army on tour

After winning Eurovision, the Kalush Orchestra plans to go on tour to raise money for the army. Soon they promise to publish a list of cities where their concerts will take place in the near future.

– We will collect money for the army at every event, the artist assures.

As for my call from the stage to save Azovstal ”, for which the group, which bookmakers predicted victory, could be disqualified altogether, Oleg Psyuk noted that he could not do otherwise.

– 200 million people watch the Eurovision final, and I think that I would reproach myself more if I didn't do it than if I did it and we were disqualified, – explains Oleg Psyuk. – So I put it on the scales and understood. Of course, the fate of the Ukrainian people is more important to me than this statuette, than, in principle, even a victory, although it is quite significant. I knew it wasn't fun to be disqualified.

Oleg Psyuk expressed great gratitude to the fighters who are still at Azovstal for being there, for their courage and bravery.

The press conference took less than half an hour, after which the artists went out into the street – without security and a crowd of paparazzi, however, the cameras were already waiting for them near the white stand. On it, Oleg Psyuk wrote the name of his mother Stephanie, after which others followed his example – both the musicians of the group, and ordinary Lviv residents and journalists. This action is dedicated to all Ukrainian mothers who bear their cross at this time.


The pink panama was bought in a second-hand store

Perhaps, the extravagant costumes of other members of the group are not remembered by the viewer as much as the simple pink panama of its soloist Oleg Psyuk.

< p>Panama appeared in his wardrobe almost by accident – he bought it at a second-hand store, then used it in the filming of the video “Don't Pickle”. The artist liked Panama, as a result, he did not part with it, imperceptibly turning it into an obligatory attribute, without which no one now represents the group. Pink Panamas now scatter instantly. Look, even UK Eurovision runner-up Sam Ryder came home wearing a pink Panama hat. There are also hats of the same tailoring in other colors.

The artist bought his second pink hat from one of the girls on Instagram – he saw the photo and could not forget. Panama, not a girl. As Oleg Psyuk told The Village, the young lady had to be persuaded to sell Panama for a whole week. It cost 600 hryvnia two years ago. It was at that time a new hat from the Italian sports brand Ellese.

At about the same price, a hundred cheaper, Kalush Orchestra now sells its merch – of course, pink hats with the name of the band.


Oleg Psyuk chose a different panama hat for his Eurovision performance.

Eurovision winner Kalush Orchestra: Pole Ohman's song is in my top 5

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