Ex-fashion mogul Peter Nygard chooses jury trial

Ex-fashion mogul Peter Nygard chooses jury trial

The 80-year-old businessman faces 11 charges of sexual assault and forcible confinement.

Peter Nygard during the appearance on January 19, 2022 .

Ex-Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard has chosen to be tried by his peers: His trial will be before a jury, not before one judge only. The 80-year-old Manitoban notified the court after a brief hearing at the Toronto courthouse on Wednesday.

Peter Nygard appeared on screen calm and awake, his hair neatly combed in his orange prisoner's garb during his video conference hearing. He was represented by one of his lawyers, Jared Greenspan.

Judge refuses to release Peter Nygard on bail

He wore a COVID-19 mask in the video communications cubicle of the Toronto South Detention Center where he has been imprisoned since being transferred from Manitoba in October 2021.

Peter Nygard therefore elected a trial by jury following the brief appearance in the Ontario Court of Justice.

He will have to appear again on September 12 to find out the date of his pre-trial conference. No trial date has yet been set.

The Detention Center south Toronto where Peter Nygard is being held.

The octogenarian businessman is now charged with 11 counts of sexual assault and forcible confinement since two new charges were added to the indictment in mid-June.

The alleged facts allegedly took place more than 20 years ago in his former fashion studio in Toronto.

It had been reported that Peter Nygard was facing two new charges regarding two new complainants.

The Crown had made the announcement during a procedural appearance at which Nygard was, this time, not present. The nature of the charges had not been specified, like all the others for that matter.

A publication ban prevents us from saying more in this case.

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