Ex-president of Halifax children's hospital convicted of fraud

Ex-president of Halifax children’s hospital convicted of fraud

Tracy Kitch (center), former CEO of IWK Children's Hospital leaving court (files)

The former president and CEO of the IWK Health Center in Halifax, was sentenced to five months in jail plus one year probation for fraud.

Tracy Kitch was found guilty last February of fraud over $5,000 after it was revealed that the lady used her business credit card to make valued personal purchases to approximately 47,000 between August 2014 and June 2017.

Ms Kitch appealed the verdict of her conviction. Another hearing is also scheduled for Thursday in the Court of Appeal during which the defendant will request his release pending further proceedings.

During From the sentencing hearing on Wednesday, Judge Paul Scovil called Ms Kitch a highly paid civil servant who deliberately chose to ignore business expense rules for personal financial gain .

Tracy Kitch tendered her resignation as CEO of Children's Hospital in August 2017 following an independent audit that uncovered irregularities about his expenses. She eventually repaid more than $45,000 to the institution.

During his guilty verdict last February, Judge Scovil blamed Ms. Kitch for ;having failed in his duty to uphold the highest ethical standards required of the position of CEO of a hospital.

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