Ex-teacher jailed for sex crimes

Ex-teacher in prison for sex crimes

Frédérik Bergeron leaves a courtroom, a few minutes before receiving his sentence.

A former teacher of the Joseph school- Paquin in Quebec is sentenced to 40 months in prison for sexual crimes committed against vulnerable students.

Frédérik Bergeron taught physical education, in the establishment of the Charlesbourg borough which welcomes children struggling with language disorders or deafness.

The 29-year-old had created a fake social media profile in which he posed as a teenager. He convinced a 14-year-old student to send him a picture of a penis before using it for extortion.

With this same fake account, he made contact with a 15-year-old student. Hidden under this false identity, Bergeron convinced the victim to start a romantic relationship with his physical education teacher.

This friend told him she was going through a idyll with a teacher, by sending him photos of her naked, for example.

The student of the Joseph-Paquin school thus exchanged intimate photos with Frédérik Bergeron.

Frédérik Bergeron created a fake teenage girl profile on social networks, to lure his victims.< /p>

It was the mother of this teenager who discovered compromising messages on her daughter's phone and alerted the police.

This mother had to rebuild ties with her handicapped daughter, who was angry with her for having interrupted her romantic relationship in this way, in addition to causing her to lose a friend, who was in fact the fake account created by her. teacher.

In a letter to the court, the victim exposed the harm caused by this impossible teenage love.

“You made me feel my first butterflies, I was ready to do anything for you, far from suspecting that these butterflies were poisoned. ”

— Excerpt from the letter from the victim, read in court

In addition to the 40 months of detention, Frédérik Bergeron will see his name entered in the register of sex offenders. The former teacher pleaded guilty to the charges, avoiding a trial.

He now works in the field of renovation.

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