Execution in Makeyevka: Rospropagandists write that the killed invaders were abandoned by their battalion

Shooting in Makeevka: Rospropagandists write that their battalion abandoned the killed invaders

The Russian invaders killed in Makiivka, Lugansk region, were not warned about the retreat by their battalion comrades and, as a result, were left alone in the area where they later died. The pro-Kremlin telegram channel «Zapiski Veteran» writes about this.

The publication says that what happened in Makeevka is a consequence of the fact that the Russian mobilized «weak in spirit and extremely unstable in battle& #187;.

«To put it bluntly — they just run at the first boil», — the publication says.

The author of the channel notes that the very situation of the surrender of a group of military men was provoked by the flight of a whole battalion of Russian troops in this direction.

&#171 They were left alone in Makeevka, because their own comrades from their own unit, also from among the mobilized, stupidly abandoned them. The whole battalion has escaped! And the hole had to be plugged with reserves», — the message said.

  • The New York Times confirmed the authenticity of the video of the occupiers being shot in Makiivka, but did not establish what actually happened.
  • The UN is about to investigate.

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