Experts: Tokayev could humiliate Putin's double at SPIEF

Experts: Tokayev could humiliate Putin's double at SPIEF

A sensation at the “economic forum” in St. Petersburg was the behavior of the President of Kazakhstan, Tokayev, who distinguished himself by bold and undiplomatic statements right in the face of President Vladimir Putin: they say Russia has no right to wage war; laughed at, as he put it, the quasi-state formations of the “LPR-DPR”, rudely refused Russia's recognition of these formations by Kazakhstan. Also, not in the context of the discussion, he focused on the fact that the Soviet Union was mainly led by immigrants from Ukraine. “Apostrophe” writes about this.

All this taken together, in the opinion of the managing partner of the National Anti-Crisis Group Taras Zavgorodniy, indicates that the visit had several functions: firstly, to express critical opinion about him, which is most likely the position of China and the United States, which see that Russia is weakening, and are forcing Russia to withdraw from the war.

Secondly, it is possible that Tokayev's task was to see whether the real Putin or his double would be at the summit. Tokayev is an ideal candidate for this role, as he often met with Putin.

“It is possible that the sharp speech of the President of Kazakhstan and his refusal to accept the Order of Alexander Nevsky from Russia means the likelihood of the presence of a double. Most likely, he had good reasons and some information about the person who is represented by Putin to behave so defiantly during his speech at the forum ” he emphasized.

Yuri Goncharenko, an expert at the Intermarium Information Center, believes that “most likely, Tokayev until the last moment did not believe in the likelihood that he would be put on stage next to the actor who would play the role of the President of Russia. The information that Putin is in a coma, of course , seethed in the media, but during the war, not such rumors can be launched, especially since Kadyrov himself denied information about Putin's grave state of health.In addition, for an eastern ruler to shake hands with an actor and call him publicly president is an indescribable insult decided to immediately begin to respond with harsh actions.

“It is also interesting that Andrey Turchak (First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation – ed.) rather harshly cut off the “faithful Putinist” Zatulin, who began to run into the Kazakh President. In Russia, they really are preparing a transition of power and are looking for guarantees to minimize losses from what Putin started. And since everyone understands that Tokayev, in addition to himself, at the summit also represented Western intelligence services, and, most likely, Chinese comrades, starting a conflict with him is extremely short-sighted,” he stressed.

Immediately after the end During Tokayev’s visit, a trade war began between Kazakhstan and Russia: Russia stopped shipping Kazakh oil after Tokayev’s statements at the SPIEF, Kazakhstan blocks 1,700 wagons with Russian coal on its territory.

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