Explosions again on the Antonovsky Bridge. Stremousov, against the background of the hole, said that “the bridge is whole”

Explosions again on the Antonovsky Bridge. Against the backdrop of the hole, Stremousov declared that

In the Kherson region, local residents report new explosions on the Antonovsky bridge, which the invaders use to supply their group on the right bank. This is reported by local publics.

Eyewitnesses claim that they heard explosions around 11:00 am near the exit of the bridge on the left bank. Large clouds of smoke rose above the bridge.

Explosions again on Antonovsky Bridge Stremousov, against the backdrop of the hole, said that

In Operational Command «South» reported on the implementation of “round-the-clock control of bridges and crossings” in order to prevent the invaders from ensuring the replenishment of military equipment and ammunition.

In particular, in the area of ​​Novaya Kakhovka and Daryevka, two pontoon bridges laid enemy through the Dnieper and Ingulets. They are not suitable for use.

At the same time, the Kherson Gauleiter Kirill Stremousov in the propaganda media showed a video of the destruction on the bridge, which «was struck by the Hymers.

“But the bridge, as you can see, is intact. Now everything is in order with the Antonovsky bridge. It hasn't collapsed yet”, — assured the collaborator, pointing to a through hole with a diameter of about two meters in the road surface.

Russian propagandists constantly claim that air defense is allegedly operating in the area of ​​the bridge.

  • The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the enemy's crossing under the Antonovsky Bridge, the launch of which was announced by the traitor Stremousov.

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