Explosions at airfields in the Russian Federation: Defense Express spoke about the positive consequences for the front

Explosions at airfields in Russia: Defense Express talked about the positive consequences for the front< /p>

In recent days, there have been a number of explosions at airfields and oil depots in Russia, these are rather serious events that can have a direct impact on the situation at the front. This was stated by Oleg Katkov, editor-in-chief of Defense Express, on the air of Channel 24«.

The specialist noted that in terms of significance, these episodes are somewhat less than the sinking of the Russian cruiser «Moscow». After all, this was the first time in history that a missile cruiser, the flagship of the fleet, was sunk by an anti-ship missile.

«Regarding the strike on the air base where the bombers are based – there have already been such cases. But the fact is that «Engels» – This is the central air base of strategic aviation of Russia. That is, it is a component of the nuclear triad, the nuclear deterrence forces of the Russian Federation & # 187;, & # 8212; Katkov explained.

He emphasized that this airfield is the very heart of the Russian aerospace forces. Therefore, this is not an ordinary event at all.

«This is a situation that can have quite positive consequences for action at the forefront, at the front. Here it's not even about cruise missiles, how many planes were destroyed. Now, it seems to me, Russia will look for some ways to improve the protection of these airfields,” the military expert believes.

He added that for this it is necessary to take more air defense systems and make layered defense in Russia itself, but there is no constant production of them. Therefore, they will have to be taken from the front line and front-line areas and transferred to the rear.

«From this, of course, our pilots operating at the forefront will begin to breathe easier. It will be such a huge increase. This is also reflected in the actions of our ground units, because they will have more air support», — Katkov said.

According to him, the Russians may also try to drag aircraft to airfields further away. However, there are only 4 airfields for strategic aviation in Russia, and 2 of them are already in the affected area. The other two are in the far east and in the north. Consequently, the time to complete the same tasks for missile launches will be increased, and aircraft will break down more often.

  • On December 5, two military airfields in the Saratov and Ryazan regions, from where the Russian Federation launches missiles into Ukraine, thundered explosions. Tu-95 aircraft were damaged.
  • The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the attacks on the airfields were carried out by “Soviet-made jet UAVs.”
  • According to the NYT, one of the attacks on Russian airfields was coordinated by Ukrainian special forces .
  • The satellite showed the aftermath of the attack on the Russian airfield in Engels.

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