Fight through the eyes of MTR operators: Under Kremennaya, soldiers destroyed a group of Russians

Fight through the eyes of MTR operators: Warriors destroyed a group of Russians near Kremennaya

< p> Special operations forces showed footage of the battle in the Lugansk region, during which a group of Russian invaders was destroyed. This was reported by the press service of the SOF.

It is reported that when performing one of the tasks, the SOF group found about a dozen Russian occupiers, a machine-gun crew, equipped enemy observation posts. Without delay, the MTR soldiers decided to take the opportunity and suddenly attack the enemy.

“With a well-aimed shot, the sniper hit the enemy observer, the machine gunners destroyed the enemy machine-gun crew and began to destroy personnel, the MTR soldiers shot the Russian dugout from a hand grenade launcher “, — the press service said.

After inflicting fire damage on the enemy, the group retreated.

As specified by «Ukrainian Pravda» in the press service of the MTR, the battle took place near Kremennaya in the Lugansk region.

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