Finnish president says Putin won't accept 'any defeat' in Ukraine

Finnish President says Putin will not accept 'any defeat' in Ukraine< /p>

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not accept defeat in the war with Ukraine. Finnish President Sauli Niinistjo stated this in an interview with CNN.

According to him, Putin «invested everything» into this war.

«He is a fighter, so it is very difficult to imagine him accepting any defeat, and this certainly makes the situation very critical», — Niinistjo said.

The Finnish leader added that over the years he has seen and understood the evolution of Putin's thinking.

«He is disappointed with the situation in Ukraine after the events of 2014. This frustration grew. He decided to work it out now, one way or another», — said Niinistjo.

At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that a full-scale invasion of Ukraine reduced the activity of the Russian Federation near Finland.

« Putin seems to have added a headache in Ukraine. In fact, our borders are now calmer than they have been for a long time», — Niinisjo said.

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