Flavie Flament lifts the veil on the “mysterious” Antoine, his “little ugly”

The RTL host posted posts that did not go unnoticed on Instagram on December 23. Flavie Flament put forward her “little ugly” Antoine for a special occasion.
December 23 is a special day for Flavie Flament . Twenty-six years ago, the 46-year-old RTL host gave birth to her eldest son Antoine , the fruit of her former love affair with director Bernard Flament. On Instagram, she therefore wanted to make a nice statement for her birthday.

Rare are the times that Flavie Flament reveals photos of her sons Antoine and Enzo (16 years old, born from her former union with Benjamin Castaldi). But as soon as the opportunity arises, the beautiful blonde can’t help but shout her love and pride at them. This Wednesday, on the occasion of the 26 years of her senior, she shared a black and white photo of the beautiful brunette. He stares at the lens with sunglasses that make him look mysterious. But his mother has lifted the veil on his personality in legend: ” When he was little, he spent hours crouching in front of an ant nest, observing the merry-go-round of the colony …He still had grazed knees, and a stubborn little streak on the top of his head. He was a sensitive little boy, with a hell of a temper and that je ne sais quoi that already made him a little mysterious. Antoine is handsome. But more than this photo shows. Antoine is a great person, by his grace, his soul and his values, his infallible loyalty, by his delicate strength in the face of trials which dictates deep respect . He is a bit from elsewhere, an artist, a talented photographer, a complex and fascinating world all by himself. Happy birthday, my son, my pride. ”

Flavie Flament also shared sweet photos in the story . On a photo of Antoine when he was a child, she wanted to play the humor card qualifying him as ” little ugly “. And, after sharing a photo of the two of them and another of the young man all alone, she thanked him for bringing her so much love. Beautiful declarations and little attentions that will undoubtedly touch the main interested party.

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