Florian (Married at first sight) as a couple with a hot reality TV candidate

The former candidate of “Married at first sight” is again in a relationship. Florian formalized their beautiful romance on December 10, on Instagram. The opportunity to discover that he is in love with a reality TV candidate.
Florian is on cloud nine. The candidate revealed on M6 in 2017 in season 2 ofMarried at first sight revealed on December 10, 2020 that he is in a relationship again . And his new companion is no stranger to reality TV fans.

The young man has experienced romantic disillusionment since it was revealed to the general public. Emma, ​​the woman he was introduced to on M6’s dating show, and he divorced shortly after filming . He then found love in the arms of another pretty blonde named Marie . And he was sure of it, she was the woman of his life. ” I could write you thousands of lines to tell you everything, to describe to you every moment of those first magical hours, every moment of all the other equally magical moments that followed, but, in short, I just met the wife of my life, “he wrote on Instagram in October 2019, when he formalized their relationship.it was their break that he shared with his subscribers.

But all this is old history for Florian who is swimming in happiness again. A love that he wanted to unveil in broad daylight, on Instagram. ” There is no coincidence in life, everything is written … #toujourscroireensondestin “, can we read in the caption of a photo in which a pretty blonde kisses her tenderly on the cheek.

The ex-candidate of M6 tagged it, the opportunity for Internet users to discover that it is a candidate for reality TV named Eléa . She participated in The Circle Game France , broadcast on Netflix and was a finalist on the show. The principle was that the candidates lived in different apartments and communicated only through a social network called Le Cercle. The goal was to always be the most popular and at the top of the leaderboard made by all players. 100,000 euros was at stake. Eléa did not win them but Florian’s love is worth all the gold in the world.

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