for the payment of the new ANPAL service

Fund new skills: for the payment of the last installment of the contribution is active a new ANPAL service for companies.

This was communicated by the National Agency for Active Labor Policies which manages the New Skills Fund.

Companies that have concluded the training course, subject to the approval of the question by ANPAL to be sent with thetrade union agreement through MyNPAL service, may require from April 16 the balance of the contribution thanks to the new service.

We remind you that the New Skills Fund was introduced by the Relaunch decree for the training of workers against the reduction of working hours, but without affecting the salary. The New Skills Fund was then refinanced with the August decree and lastly in January it was extended to 2021 with the possibility for companies to enter into trade union agreements, at the basis of training projects, by 30 June 2021.

Now there are those who have already completed the training courses e can ask for the balance of the payment of the contribution with the new service active on MyANPAL. Let’s see how does it work in detail.

New skills fund: new MyAnpal payment service

For the New Skills Fund, the Agency itself explains how the new service for the settlement of payments to companies that have completed the training courses active on MyANPAL works in a manual dedicated to the measurement.

ANPAL informs that the applicant who has submitted the request for a contribution that comes from the New Skills Fund “Can request the balance for those requests that have been approved by ANPAL and for which the paths for the development of skills by the workers have been completed.”

The applicant, by entering the reserved area of ​​MyANPAL in the menu “Balance request”, You will be able to see any approved applications. Next to code and at instance status there is a alert indicating the date by which the balance request must be submitted.

Once you have selected the instance for which to request the balance of contributions from the New Skills Fund, you will need to click on the button “Go to detail”.

In the picture “Request Request Detail”, specifies ANPAL in the manual, activating the icon the page is shown “Quantitative data of the balance” where the system re-presents the quantitative data entered in the initial request.

At this point the company must verify the data entered and if correct, it will not have to modify it. If, on the contrary, there were any news, the same information must be updated.

In the picture “Request Request Detail” activating the attachment icon (the classic clip) the page is shown “Balance sheet attached documentation”. Here it is necessary to attach the following documents for the request for payment of the last tranche of the Fund for new fees, therefore of the balance:

  • list of workers involved, with the indication for each of these of the contractual level and the number of hours of working hours actually reduced. The list of workers must be an Excel file (accepted formats * .xls, * xlsx), otherwise a blocking message will be sent;
  • the information on participating workers (template available in the forms section);
  • the attestations / certifications of the skills acquired by individual workers and released as a result of development paths and services for identifying or validating skills (template available in the forms section).

After attaching the documents, you can return to the summary screen and click the button “Send balance” it is possible to request full payment of the New Fees Fund.

for the payment of the new ANPAL service

Fund for new fees: the date for requesting the balance

For the Fund new skills in its manual ANPAL also explains how the payment date is defined or the date within which the balance must be requested of which we have said.

We read in the manual that to determine the date a different time has been set from the date of approval depending on the type of application:

  • 120 days, in the event of an application presented by the individual company or by the Parent Company;
  • 150 days, in the event of an application presented by the Interprofessional Funds.

In detail, we remind you that the application for access to the New Skills Fund and the request for the balance must be submitted to ANPAL, but the payment is up to INPS. ANPAL sends the request for payment of the contributions of the New Skills Fund to INPS which then deals with the disbursement which takes place in two moments:

  • after the approval of the application by ANPAL with the accreditation of 70 percent resources;
  • the balance of 30 percent.

For more details, please refer to the manual on the New Skills Fund which we attach below.

New Skills Fund Manual ANPAL manual updated to March 30, 2021.

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