Forbes: Russia lost more Marines in two days in Donbas than in the first Chechen war

Forbes: Russia lost more marines in Donbas in two days than during the first Chechen war

The Russian 155th Marine Guards Brigade lost 63 servicemen in an attempted offensive in eastern Ukraine. The unsuccessful assault on Ukrainian positions lasted about two days, according to Forbes.

As they say in the publication, the Russian marines are the best part of the current Russian army. At the same time, less competent and experienced fighters are training mobilized recruits in Russia.

“The doomed Russian attack targeted the Ukrainian garrison in Pavlovka, 45km southwest of Donetsk in Donbas in eastern Ukraine . The garrison repelled the attack of the Russian troops,” a source writes, citing the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It is reported that the 155th infantry brigade of the Pacific Fleet has been fighting in Ukraine since the beginning of a full-scale invasion. In recent months, it has been a key Russian formation in the eastern direction.

After a failed attempt to take Kyiv, the 155th Guards Marine Brigade retreated to the territory of Belarus, after which it was sent to the Donbass.

“In those few places where the Russian troops advance – Pavlovka, as well as Bakhmut – they suffer heavy losses … and get nothing”, — notes Forbes.

  • Russian propagandist Alexander Sladkov reported heavy losses of invaders in Pavlovka near Vuhledar (Donetsk region).

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