Forbes: Ukraine seized more Russian equipment than its partners provided

Forbes: Ukraine captured more Russian equipment than its partners provided

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Ukraine, according to documented data, has received almost 400 tanks, 700 armored vehicles and 170 artillery systems as trophies. This is more than the largest partner countries supplied. Forbes reports this.

After the counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region that began on September 5, dozens of videos with abandoned Russian equipment, ammunition depots and weapons began to appear on the network. The forests of the Izyumsky district were called & # 171; Sherwood forest & # 187; in the network. And the numerous abandoned Russian warehouses near Kupyansk and Balakleya are the “caves of Aladdin”.

As a result of a gesture of “good will” and a hasty “regrouping”, Russia outstripped the United States, Poland and Britain in terms of the number of tanks, armored vehicles and artillery systems transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Dozens of pieces of equipment were left in perfect technical condition or with minor technical malfunctions. Instead of taking out ammunition and weapons, the Russians often took away stolen equipment and non-ferrous metals. Throwing weapons as a gift to the Ukrainian army.

Abandoned warehouses and equipment continue to be found even now. According to the Oryx website, which assesses the losses of the parties based on video and photo evidence, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received 97 tanks, 159 armored combat vehicles, 55 artillery systems as trophies in the Kharkiv region. This weapon will be enough to form an entire tank brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or two mechanized brigades.

But, obviously, not all trophies hit the camera lens. So the real amount of captured enemy equipment may be even higher, writes Forbes.

Thus, during the counter-offensive in the Kharkov region, the Russian army “donated” more than $400 million worth of equipment and weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Forbes: Ukraine seized more Russian equipment than its partners provided< /p>

Tanks: plus 750

In total, according to the Oryx project, 387 Russian tanks have been captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the beginning of the war. The largest supplier of tanks after Russia is Poland, which transferred to Ukraine up to 230 T-72 tanks and about 50-70 Polish upgrades of these tanks – RT-91.

The Czech Republic also handed over its Soviet tanks to Ukraine, which had up to 90 T-72 tanks in warehouses and another 30 T-72s in service. The exact number of transferred tanks is unknown, but the figures are usually about 70 units. The Czech Republic will receive 15 Leopard 2A4 tanks from Germany. North Macedonia provided eight more T-72 tanks.

Slovenia also promised Ukraine 28 old M-55S tanks (modernization of the Soviet T-55) in exchange for 45 military trucks from Germany.

In general, Ukraine captured from Russia and received from partners about 750 tanks. This is almost the same number as was in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine before the start of the war. According to The Military Balance for 2021, Ukraine had 858 tanks in service. But these were mostly the best tanks – modernized T-64s.

So far, not a single modern tank has been provided by Western partners to Ukraine. The media have repeatedly noted NATO's unofficial agreement not to supply modern tanks to Ukraine.

Armored vehicles: there were 2300, «came» 2300

Also, since the beginning of the war, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have captured more than 690 armored vehicles. This is more than Ukraine received from the United States.

According to official reports, the United States transferred to Ukraine 200 M113 infantry fighting vehicles, 100 armored medical vehicles, 40 M1224 MaxxPro armored vehicles and several hundred HUMWEE armored vehicles.

Ukraine also signed a contract with Turkey for the purchase of 200 Kirpi armored vehicles. At least some of them have already been provided, because there is a video of their participation in hostilities. Another 136 M113 infantry fighting vehicles were supplied by Denmark, Australia, Lithuania, Spain and Portugal.

In addition, Australia and the UK provided about 200 different armored vehicles: CVR (T), FV103 Spartans, Mastiff, Wolfhound, Husky and Bushmaster. Also, about 200 Soviet BMP-1 and BTR-80 and their upgrades were delivered to the countries of Eastern Europe.

In general, Ukraine received and captured about 2,300 armored vehicles. This is the same number as was in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine before the start of the war.

Artillery: there is potential

Similarly, Russia was ahead of the United States in the number of «transferred&# 187; artillery systems. In total, more than 167 artillery systems have been abandoned by the enemy since the beginning of the war. Almost a third of them are the last few weeks of the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Western partners have transferred about 500 pieces of artillery to Ukraine. These are both Soviet equipment supplied by Eastern European countries, and NATO systems: M777 and L118/119 howitzers, M109 self-propelled guns (self-propelled artillery mounts), PzH2000, CEASAR and Polish KRAB.

Currently, they are used against Russia about 350 pieces of artillery of NATO caliber. The exact number of Soviet systems is unknown, because there is quite a bit of ammunition left for them.

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