Former NATO general predicts ceasefire in Ukraine in 2023

Former NATO general predicts ceasefire in Ukraine in 2023

< p>In 2023, there will be a ceasefire in the war between Russia and Ukraine. This was stated by the former General of the Bundeswehr and NATO, Hans-Lothar Domrese, reports Zeit.

«I expect a truce in early summer, when both sides say this: «Now it is no longer makes sense». The ceasefire will come sometime in 2023», — he declared.

The former general admitted that the moment for ceasefire negotiations would come between February and May. In this period of time, Domrese believes, the parties will understand that they are not moving anywhere.

At the same time, he stressed that a truce does not mean peace for a long time.

& #171;Truce means: We stop shooting. Negotiations are likely to take a long time, you need an intermediary: perhaps UN Secretary General Guterres, Turkish President Erdogan or Indian Prime Minister Modi — although no one really imposes themselves», — Domrese noted.

He also added that a truce is possible only if it is acceptable to both sides, «even if Putin really would like to have all of Ukraine, and Zelensky would like to liberate all of Ukraine again».

As a possible option, the ex-general called «Zelensky's refusal to demand the immediate reintegration of territories such as Crimea into Ukraine — it would be possible to agree on a transitional period».

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