FP: Russia has prepared thousands of pieces of equipment for the upcoming offensive

FP: Russia has prepared thousands of vehicles for the upcoming offensive

Russia has prepared for the next major offensive several thousand units of military equipment, including tanks, armored vehicles, fighter jets, helicopters. This is reported by Foreign Policy, citing a Ukrainian military official on condition of anonymity.

According to Ukrainian military estimates, the Russian Federation already has 1,800 tanks, 3,950 armored vehicles, 2,700 artillery systems, 810 Soviet-era multiple launch rocket systems, such as «Grad» and «Smerch», 400 fighters and 300 helicopters, ready for a new wave of attacks.

At the same time, it was noted that the number of Russian troops in Ukraine exceeded 300,000 people. To date, the Russian presence in Ukraine far exceeds the invasion force that Russian President Vladimir Putin deployed in February 2022. The occupiers are focused on this in eastern Ukraine.

The Pentagon believes that the Kremlin has begun sending tens of thousands of troops to replace the losses suffered in the battles for the cities of Bakhmut and Soledar in the Donbass, but Kyiv is convinced that Putin can go even further by mobilizing new troops before February 24.

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