from Piper girl to Pop Diva

from Piper girl to Pop Diva

from Piper girl to Pop Diva

The Piper Girl, famous for having sung among her many masterpieces “You make me spin like a doll” turns 73. The Venetian singer was born on 9 April 1948 as Nicoletta Strambelli and became famous and national-popular as Patty Right when he has not yet reached the age of majority.
A woman with a deep voice, an androgynous figure and a gaze as magnetic as the blond of her hair who immediately chooses not to sit inside fixed frames.


The Masked Singer, the grand finale on Friday 26 February: this is what can happen

Nonconformist, rebellious, independent and free from any bond when a woman was still judged lacking in virtue only if she smoked in public, Nicoletta Strambelli, indeed, even Nicola, as she was registered in the Venice registry by her father, was and is an artist with a natural talent that exploded in the mid-sixties thanks to thoughtful or instinctive choices, which led her to sing not only a commercial pop but always of quality, but also Baptists, Conte, Guccini, De Gregori, Vinicius de Moraes, Lou Reed and Jacques Brel, also becoming mentor of semi-emerging artists such as Cocciante.
In her CV as an avant-garde woman there are also the joints with Jimi Hendrix, the moments of life spent with Frank Sinatra, the vibrant sessions with David Bowie, the friendship with Robert Plant, the shopping with Mick Jagger, the recording system bought by Pink Floyd, the nude for Playboy in America, the falling in love with China and his performances in Pekingese.

Milly Carlucci and the Masked Singer “In line with the fashion of disguise”

In addition to music, his love life has never played an adagio, getting married five times. Her first husband was the drummer of her band, Gordon Faggetter, then, in February ’72, in the Capitol, it was the turn of Franco Baldieri, followed by Paul Jeffery (1976) and Paul Martinez (1978) and John Edward Johnson in America (1982). These are the official husbands. To them should then be added Riccardo Fogli, married in Scotland in 1974 with a rite not valid in Italy and which caused a famous crisis in the Poohs.
A voice that has accompanied social and musical changes, crossing time, without ever betraying the trust of the great public that has always followed her in over half a century of career and that has seen her participate in nine editions of Sanremo and various Canzonissime and Festivalbar.
After “Sad boy”, “Crazy idea”, “If I lose you”, “Pensiero stupendo”, a collection of successes that grows with each candle added to the cake, who knows how Patty Pravo will become again and what she will have in store for the future.

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