Gaidai: Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing in the direction of Svatovo-Kremennaya

Gaidai: Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing towards Svatovo-Kremennaya

The Ukrainian military is slowly but moving forward in the direction of Svatovo-Kremennaya in the Luhansk region. This was announced by the head of the Luhansk region Serhiy Gaidai on the air of the telethon.

«As for the direction from the Kharkiv region, Svatovsko-Kremensky, it is difficult, meter by meter, but the Defense Forces of Ukraine are moving forward, inflict fire damage constantly. There, every day, dozens of personnel die among the invaders, and every day several pieces of heavy equipment are destroyed», — Gaidai said.

He noted that in the direction of Belogorivka from the Donetsk region «there, all attempts to attack from the Russian-occupation troops are stably repulsed».

«Moreover, our defenders are well established there. And at the moment there is no threat of a breakthrough», — added Gaidai.

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