Gaidai: Occupiers returned to Kremennaya and create the appearance of presence

Gaidai: Occupiers have returned to Kremennaya and are creating the appearance of presence

The Russians returned to Kremennaya and create the appearance of their mass presence in the occupied city. Serhiy Gaidai, the head of the Luhansk OVA, announced this on Telegram.

«The invaders returned to Kremennaya, tore down Ukrainian flags — create the appearance of their mass presence in the city. We turned off the Internet in all the occupied territories so that people could not transmit information to us. There will be no surprise factor in the Luhansk region — you have to be patient. Tomorrow we will not be in Lugansk, unfortunately…but soon», — he said.

According to Gaidai, in the de-occupied territories, first of all, mobile communications and the Internet and other critical infrastructure will be restored.

A regional headquarters for de-occupation has been created in the Luhansk region Territories: «We are preparing structures for returning home (law enforcement agencies, the State Emergency Service, the post office, medicine, the TsNAP and others) in order to promptly restore life in communities».

« We are only waiting for the «command» military»,— added the head of the Luhansk OVA.

  • Yesterday, Gaidai reported that the Russian military had completely left Kremennaya, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine had not yet entered the city.

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