Gaidai: The occupiers have completely left Kremennaya in the Luhansk region, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine have not entered the city yet | PHOTO | VIDEO

Haidai: Occupiers completely left Kremennaya in Luhansk region, but UAF has not entered the city yet | PHOTO | VIDEO

The Russian military has completely left the Kremennaya Luhansk region. This was announced by the head of the Lugansk OVA Serhiy Gaidai on the air of the TV channel «Currently«.

«Today, Kremennaya is completely empty. There is no longer any police, no commandant's office, no prosecutor's office – there is no one else, they all left. In Kremennaya, the Ukrainian flag hangs on the administrative building for the third day – this indicates that all the invaders and Gauleiters have fled», — Gaidai emphasized.

At the same time, he added that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had not yet entered the city.

Haidai: Occupiers completely left Kremennaya in Luhansk region, but UAF has not yet entered the city | PHOTO | VIDEO

The head of the UVA is convinced that a large-scale de-occupation of the Lugansk region will begin from Kremennaya and Svatovoe, because the Russians have already begun to pull equipment closer to these cities. Gaidai believes that the main blow will be there.

According to the head of the OVA, Starobelsk is actually empty now, which was a kind of «intermediate, transshipment city» for Russians.

Gaidai noted that the occupiers are trying to create a certain defensive line in the area of ​​​​Svatovoe and Troitsky, because there is a border with Russia nearby and «the transition from the Liman to the Luhansk region». He clarified that the liberation of Liman is a key one for the Luhansk region, fighting is still going on around the city.

The head of the OVA also added that the occupiers now have a catastrophic situation with fuel. Collaborators began to flee en masse to Russia, so long queues formed at gas stations, and there was not enough fuel for everyone.

  • At the British Ministry of Defense stated that the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine weakened the ability of the Russian Federation to resist NATO.

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