Gaza's sole power plant restarts after truce

: the only power plant restarts after a truce” />

A fuel truck enters the Gaza Strip on Monday through the Kerem Shalom crossing with Israel, in Rafah, in the Palestinian enclave, after the truce.

The border between the Gaza Strip and Israel reopened on Monday, allowing the enclave's only power plant to restart, the day after a truce between Islamic Jihad and the Jewish state after 3 days of a conflict that killed 44 Palestinians.

Fuel trucks entered the Gaza Strip at Kerem Shalom in the south, the report found ;AFP, after Israel reopened the crossings closed since Tuesday.

The only power plant in this micro-territory, which had ceased to operate on Saturday for lack of fuel delivered by Israel, has started to generate electricity again, the company's spokesman told AFP. of electricity, Mohammed Thabet.

Palestinians at the market in Rafah the day after the truce after deadly clashes between the Islamic Jihad group and the Israeli army.

The border between the Jewish state and the Strip Gaza was reopened for humanitarian needs on Monday, Cogat, the Israeli Defense Ministry body that oversees civilian activities in the Palestinian Territories, said in a statement.

The return to routine will be based on developments in the situation and if security is respected, the press release adds.

After this truce came into effect on Sunday at 11:30 p.m. local, and negotiated by Egypt, a historic intermediary between Israel and the Palestinian armed groups, the two belligerents have however indicated that they reserve the right to respond in the event of a violation by the other party.

A Palestinian man sits inside his damaged house in Gaza due to shelling.

In Gaza, the situation is tragic and difficult, tells AFP a Gazans, Mohamed Alai. We have a lot of dead and wounded, destruction and devastation, but Gaza is healing its wounds, he added.

Another resident, Souhail al-Baouab, 56, lived in fear for three days. We don't want a war every six months and when we heard about the truce, we were so happy despite the mourning for the martyrs, because life is getting back to normal, she said.

People attend the funeral of Khalil Abu Hamada, a 19-year-old Palestinian man killed by an Israeli airstrike on August 7, 2022 in Gaza City.

Between the start of the x27;Israeli operation Friday and Sunday evening, 44 Palestinians, including 15 children, died and 360 were injured, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, which also reported buildings destroyed by the strikes.

In the south of the Jewish state bordering Gaza, where rail and road traffic has resumed, a resident of Askhelon, Davit Shitrit, said he did not trust Islamic Jihad. They always promise, but each time attack again…I hope this time it will hold.

Jihad has received a severe blow which has left it hard hit. took decades back, a senior Israeli diplomat told reporters on Monday.

The truce agreement includes, among other things, Egypt's commitment to work for the release of two prisoners of Islamic Jihad held by Israel, the Palestinian group said.

US President Joe Biden has welcomed the ceasefire and called for investigations into civilian casualties.

Three people have were injured in Israel by rocket fire, according to rescue workers. According to the army, hundreds of rockets have been fired from Gaza since Friday, the vast majority having been intercepted.

Israeli authorities have also claimed that some of the Palestinians killed may have perished due to failed Islamic Jihad rockets fired at Israel, which fell in the Palestinian enclave.

The The Israeli army presented its operation launched on Friday as a preemptive attack against Islamic Jihad, during which its main military leaders in Gaza, Tayssir Al-Jabari and Khaled Mansour, were killed, along with several fighters from the group.< /p>

The death of the military leaders was confirmed by the Islamic Jihad, considered terrorist by Israel, the United States and the European Union.

The military wing of the Islamic Jihad has confirmed in a statement on Monday that 12 of its men had been killed in the Israeli strikes. arrest of one of the movement's leaders, Bassem al-Saadi, on August 1 in the West Bank, Palestinian territory occupied by Israel.

In recent days, some 40 members of the Jihad Islamic Jihad were arrested by Israeli forces in the West Bank.

The confrontation between Israel and Islamic Jihad is the worst since that between Israel and Hamas in May 2021. in 11 days 260 dead on the Palestinian side including combatants and 14 dead in Israel, including a soldier, according to the aut local authorities.

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