Gazprom announces a new drastic cut in gas deliveries to Europe | War in Ukraine

Gazprom announces another drastic cut in gas supplies to Europe | War in Ukraine

The Russian giant, Gazprom, will reduce by 20%, from Wednesday, its gas deliveries to Europe via the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

The Russian gas giant Gazprom has announced on Monday that it would drastically reduce Russian gas deliveries to Europe via the Nord Stream gas pipeline to 33 million m3 daily, citing the need for turbine maintenance.

The productive capacity of the Portovaïa compressor station will increase to 33 million m3 on July 27 at 04:00 GMT, Gazprom indicated on its Telegram account, or about 20% of the gas pipeline's capacity against about 40% currently.

Russia had already cut its delivery volume twice in June, saying the pipeline could not operate normally without a turbine that was being repaired in Canada and not returned to Russia because of Western sanctions, following the Russian assault on Ukraine.

Germany and Canada have since agreed to bring the equipment back to Russia, but the turbine has yet to be delivered.

To Berlin , it is a political decision and a pretext to influence Westerners in the context of the conflict in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had warned him that if his country did not receive the missing turbine, the gas pipeline would operate at 20% of its capacity this week due to the upcoming maintenance of a second turbine.

Vladimir Putin denies blackmail.

The Nord Stream gas pipeline, with a capacity according to Gazprom of 167 million cubic meters daily, connects Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea. The tube is strategic for gas supplies to Europeans, who are very dependent on Russian energy resources.

Westerners accuse Moscow of using the energy weapon in retaliation for the sanctions adopted after the offensive against Ukraine.

The Kremlin says that the sanctions are the cause of technical problems on the infrastructure gas industry and that Europe therefore suffers from the measures it imposes on Russia.

Furthermore, in a previous statement from Gazprom on Monday, the gas group had indicated that the delivery of the first turbine at the heart of the dispute was blocked, citing problems (due to) EU and UK sanctions.

Their resolution is important to enable the delivery of the engine to Russia and to carry out full and urgent repairs of other gas turbine engines for the Portovaya compressor station, he added.

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