General Krivonos: We need to be ready for an offensive in the Luhansk region

General Kryvonos: We need to be ready for an offensive in the Lugansk region

Local battles continue around Kharkov. The Russians have a fairly serious advantage in the means of fire destruction, and they use them effectively. The ex-deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, General Serhiy Krivonos, spoke about this.

– Our task is to hold on to our positions, try to dig as deep as possible so that the personnel that we have in the trenches are alive, healthy and able to carry out further tasks, – stressed Krivonos.

He added that at some stages the Russians lost their offensive potential. Currently, they are trying to accumulate strength in some areas.

– This applies to Severodonetsk (Severodonetsk), Lisichanskaya district. It is also possible that certain actions will be taken in the Kharkiv region. They have a fire advantage, an advantage in the amount of equipment, but they are already starting to have problems with human potential, the general emphasized.

He added that this does not mean that the Russian Federation no longer has people – the Russian army is significantly larger in number.

– So far, Putin has not announced a general mobilization to push through his desire to destroy Ukraine as an independent state. We need to be ready for offensive actions in the Luhansk region, because the Russians want to complete its capture and, possibly, also complete the operational encirclement that they are trying to carry out there, – Krivonog explained.

Regarding Kharkov, the general added that so far there is no such clear information that they want to continue the attack on Kharkov.

– For the offensive they need to have a huge amount of resources, and the Russians do not have that amount. Perhaps they are able to transfer some much larger forces to the Kharkov direction, but then they must withdraw them. Therefore, our number one task is to preserve our personnel,” Kryvonos stressed.

According to the general, “hardened, motivated citizens of Ukraine, who are our most priceless treasure,” are now in the trenches. These people are the basis for the future of the Ukrainian nation. And the task of the generals is to ensure that the maximum number of these people survive.

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