General of the Bundeswehr: The occupiers are forced to stretch the supply lines. APU hits clusters hard


Ukrainian troops are accurately hitting concentrations of Russian invaders and command posts, while the enemy is stretching supply lines. This was stated in an interview with dpa by Brigadier General of the Bundeswehr Christian Freuding, Spiegel reports.

According to him, at the beginning of a full-scale invasion, the Russian invaders carried out their attacks too uncoordinated — it was compensated by the mass character and mass recruitment, the use of mercenary troops.

The general notes that the invaders were able to learn how to remove important logistics points, important command posts and other objects from under the fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

< p>«However, this stretches the supply lines and also makes them more vulnerable. But you see, wherever the Russians don’t, the Ukrainians hit them hard,” Freuding said.

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