General Pavlyuk: Russia does not yet have the ability to attack on two fronts

General Pavlyuk: Russia is not yet able to attack on two fronts

The Russian invaders do not yet have the opportunity to attack on two fronts. This opinion was expressed by RBC-Ukraine, the commander of the grouping of forces and means of defense of Kyiv, Alexander Pavlyuk.

According to the lieutenant general, if the Russians had such an opportunity, & # 171; they would not have retreated from the north back then, in March, they would not have run away from Kherson and would not have been driven out of the Kharkov region».

«That is, despite mobilization, Russia does not have so many forces and means. Yes, it has an advantage in manpower and ammunition. But their losses are palpable enough for them. And if we talk about the Belarusian direction, then, in my opinion, as a military, Russia does not yet have the opportunity to attack on two fronts. After all, it is impossible to send any unit on the offensive – people need to be prepared, because they will stop as soon as they begin to suffer losses», — he thinks.

According to Pavlyuk, the invaders do not have enough strike groups to use them in several directions.

«Therefore, a lot depends on how stable our defense in the East will be and how significant losses we inflict on the enemy. In addition, we are now forming additional brigades, which, I hope, will help turn the tide of the war, including thanks to weapons from partners,” the lieutenant general noted.

  • According to the GUR, Putin ordered to seize the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions by March.

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