General Pavlyuk told what awaits the invaders in the event of an offensive from Belarus

General Pavlyuk told what awaits the occupiers in the event of an offensive from Belarus

The Ukrainian Defense Forces have created a group on the border with Belarus, ready to powerfully meet the enemy. This was announced on the air of the telethon by the commander of the grouping of forces and means of defense of Kyiv, Lieutenant-General Alexander Pavlyuk.

«We have created a grouping on the border with Belarus, which is ready to adequately meet the enemy. The Kyiv region has prepared quite powerfully for a possible new offensive: these are several lines around Kyiv with a total length of about 1,000 km, where a powerful defense system has been created on the basis of fortification positions of long-term defense structures, so it will be impossible to pass so easily», – Pavlyuk assured.

He noted that the enemy will not be able to cross the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, since it is «solid rubble and minefields».

&#171 ; In addition, artillery fire is planned for them, work from sniper groups to mobile fire groups. We do not plan to let them go beyond the border», — Pavlyuk said, adding that the allied forces of the Russian Federation and Belarus would need considerable efforts to move deep into Ukraine.

Pavlyuk also assured that Ukraine is closely monitoring the movement of Russian troops on the territory of Belarus.

  • The German Defense Ministry believes that Russia will launch a new offensive in April 2023. A strike on Kyiv and western Ukraine is possible.
  • Aleksei Arestovich, adviser to the President's Office, does not believe that Kyiv is in danger of a terrible attack by the Russians.

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