General Staff: Armed Forces of Ukraine are mastering Western artillery many times faster than provided for by NATO standards

APU war

Ukrainian military personnel are mastering Western artillery systems much faster than it is provided for by NATO standards. This was stated by the acting head of the Main Directorate of Combat Strike Systems of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Sergei Baranov, in an interview for ArmyInform.

According to him, the training time for specialists directly depends on the technological complexity of the rocket and artillery system or gun.< /p>

«Here, compare: in the West, crew training or calculation of a system of medium technological complexity according to NATO standards is given at least six months. We train our specialists in four weeks», — notes Baranov.

The colonel also drew attention to the fact that after the specified training course, Ukrainian defenders are able to professionally work with weapons and further constantly improve their skills and abilities during hostilities.


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