General Staff: Russia failed to modernize X-101 missiles and failed to break through Ukraine's air defense

General Staff: Russia failed to modernize X-101 missiles and failed to break through Ukrainian air defense< /p>

Russia failed to modernize its Kh-101 cruise missiles and failed to carry out a massive breakthrough of the Ukrainian air defense system. Colonel Nikolai Danilyuk, representative of the Center for Research on Captured and Advanced Weapons and Military Equipment of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, announced this at a briefing.

«The main missile that they use and position as a precision weapon is the Kh-101 missile. This is a Russian strategic aviation cruise missile, which is designed to strike important ground targets. It flies at subsonic speed at extremely low altitudes, following the terrain», — Danilyuk noted.

This rocket moves with the help of several navigation systems and can change its flight altitude – from 30 to 6 thousand meters – and speed.

«This is one of the latest developments of the Russian military-industrial complex… However, the terrorist country is forced to rapidly modernize it… said a representative of the General Staff.

According to him, the cost of such a missile is about $ 12 million, but its stocks in Russia have already decreased significantly, because during the latest attacks, in particular on February 10, the invaders used missiles produced this year already.

He showed a photo of a Kh-101 missile shot down in the Kiev region, which had already been modernized by the occupiers. In particular, they changed the aiming system, installing three lenses instead of one.

The electronic computer of the rocket has also undergone changes, which is direct evidence of the dependence of the Russian military-industrial complex on foreign components, because now Russians have to replace part of the microcircuits and chips of this computer with chips from other manufacturers.

Also, the invaders installed on the modernized X-101 the L-504 passive jamming unit, equipped with squibs that shoot strips of foil or metallized paper during the flight. When fired, such cartridges create a cloud that should make it difficult to aim air defense systems at the missile.

«According to their plan, this will allow cruise missiles to break through our air defense system and reach their targets. However, studies and statistics on the operation of Ukrainian air defense systems have shown that the latest upgrade of the Kh-101 cruise missile did not meet the expectations of the aggressor country. A massive breakthrough of the air defense system is not carried out, and Russian missiles are increasingly falling on the territory of the Russian Federation, not reaching Ukraine», — Danilyuk said.

He also did not rule out that the occupiers will have new modifications of missiles and technical solutions that will be aimed at increasing the accuracy and lethality of Russian missiles.

At the same time, The representative of the General Staff added that without foreign components, Russia would not be able to produce its missiles, because it had no replacement for them.

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