George Clooney: Big weight loss and emergency hospitalization … he tells

The shooting of the science fiction film “Midnight in the Universe” proved to be trying for George Clooney, both director and main actor. Even before filming the first scenes in Finland, the star had to be hospitalized after losing a lot of weight, a little too quickly.
The star really gave of her person for this ambitious new project! December 23, 2020, Netflix subscribers will finally discover the science fiction film The Midnight Sky [ midnight in the universe ], by and starring George Clooney . On tour for several days, the American actor recently told the Mirror that he was hospitalized just four days before the start of filming in Finland, in the fall of 2019 …

Martika mom already thin: confidences on her big weight loss
Amal Clooney’s husband was taken to the emergency room with severe stomach pains after losing nearly 11 pounds to play his new character: that of Augustine, a lonely scientist based in the Arctic, suffering from cancer, who does everything possible to prevent astronaut Sully and his crew from returning to Earth. Because he knows that a mysterious planetary catastrophe is imminent …

The diagnosis quickly fell: George Clooney was suffering from pancreatitis , an inflammation of the pancreas. “ I think I was trying too hard to lose weight fast and I probably wasn’t taking care of myself, ” the 59-year-old actor explained. “ It took a few weeks to get better and as a director it’s not easy because you need energy. We were on this glacier in Finland, which made the job a lot more difficult. definitely helped with the character. It’s bigger than anything I’ve done before and it was like taming the indomitable to make it happen. But it was fun you know”, he added during this videoconference interview from his home in Los Angles, where he has been confined with his family since February.

The Oscar winner may have lost some weight, but she’s gained something else: a big beard! A new, sloppy lumberjack look that didn’t really get everyone’s approval at home: ” I grew a big ugly beard and my son [Alexander, 3] loved it because he hid things, which I didn’t notice before I went to work, like, ‘Oh, there’s a lollipop stuck in my beard.’ But my wife and daughter [Ella, 3] were very happy when I got there. shaved because it was so hard to find a face under all this mess. “

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