George will no longer be able to wear shorts. It’s all about etiquette

George will no longer be able to wear shorts. It’s all about etiquette

  • According to a royal tradition that dates back to the 16th century, little aristocrats must wear shorts from birth.
  • Just a few days after his birth, Prince George broke over 172 years of tradition when he was the first to appear in a replica of a robe at his own baptism
  • There are a number of recommendations regarding high-born people that Prince George must follow. For example, he cannot use a smartphone and … play Monopoly
  • Prince George also takes etiquette lessons, learns the principles of royal protocol and savoir-vivre. From the age of five, he is obligated to bow to the queen!
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Until now, the world’s most popular little prince was seen wearing short shorts at official ceremonies, regardless of the weather. He looked similar in numerous official photos. Over the years we have been able to find out that Prince George has an extensive collection of shorts in various shades. Prince George’s clothing followed a royal tradition that dates back to the 16th century. According to her, little aristocrats must wear shorts from birth.

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As explained in Harper’s Bazaar, British label expert William Hanson, “It is an English custom to dress a little boy in shorts. Pants are suitable for older boys and men, while Boy’s shorts are one of the quiet determinants of the social class. Though times slowly change, a boy’s pair of long trousers is still a sign of the middle class. No self-respecting aristocrat or royalty would like to be considered a suburban. Even the Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince George is breaking the rules

Indeed, when we look at the old pictures of the princes William i Harry’ego, we can see that during their childhood they were dressed in exactly the same way as Prince George.

The custom is that a boy is promoted to wearing long trousers around the age of eight. Historically, this tradition dates back to the 16th century. Up to the age of one or two, a newborn baby was dressed in a gown (similar to the ones in which boys are baptized), then he wore clothes consisting of unattached legs that looked like shorts. This custom was called “breeching”, reported William Hanson.

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The English press immediately noted that Prince George during the Euro 2020 final, he wore a suit. It was considered that it was related precisely to the boy’s eighth birthday. However, with cases when Duchess Kate and Prince William was breaking this old British tradition before. J.a few days after his birth, Prince George broke a 172-year-old traditionwhen, at his own baptism, he was the first to appear in a replica of the garment, and not in the original one that would be worn by the later Queen Victoria.

Prince George also wears long pants on the official 2018 Christmas card! When it was released, there was an immediate discussion in the media and among fans of the “royals” as to whether the Cambridge princely couple had broken the protocol. Some pointed out that the photo had not been taken during the official departure. In addition, all family members were dressed in a fairly informal fashion. Even Duchess Kate was wearing a sweater and jeans, and five-year-old George was dressed not only in long pants, but also in galoshes!

Even so, the photo was the official Christmas card of the royal family, so the prince’s outfit was sensational. People Magazine argued that this was a treatment the royal family chose to use to emphasize that Prince George was the eldest of three siblings. They wanted to mark his position in the family in this way.

Recall that Prince George is the third person to the British throneright after your grandfather Prince of Wales and father the Duke of Cambridge. Despite this Kate and William’s son has no idea what awaits him in the future. His parents make every effort to prevent the boy from being aware that he will one day become king as long as possible.

As for our family, we are very normal. I love my children as much as any father, and I hope George loves me as much. There will be time and place, however, to explain to him what role he will play. Now it’s just a matter of maintaining a safe, stable environment around him and showing as much love as possible, “William said a few years ago when asked about his eldest son.

Ban on smartphones, selfies and … Monopoly

There are, however, a number of recommendations regarding high-born people that Prince George must follow. At the age of less than five, he has already started school education. He attends the private Thomas’s Battersea School in South London, which costs 6,000. pounds (approx. PLN 30 thousand) for a semester. The little prince’s lesson plan includes subjects such as: English, French, geography, acting, history and… ballet.

The son of Prince William and Princess Kate, he also learns science and religion – the school curriculum covers the basics of the Old and New Testaments and “developing an awareness of spiritual and moral problems in life experiences.” Let us add that according to the rules of the royal family, George must be an Anglicanfor the Windsors cannot be of any other faith.

Private school also puts emphasis on IT skills. We know that kGeorge learns to log into the computer, recognize the basic tools in Word, and correctly save his work in folders. His contact with multimedia, however, is limited to the school computer. Privately, the childhood of the son of the Cambridge Dukes is definitely different from the carefree childhood of the average British, because Kate and William’s children are … prohibited from enjoying any technological benefits. They are not allowed to use tablets, smartphones and iPods. Instead, they are to take part in more creative and imaginative games. “As people who grew up without technological gadgets, William and Kate believe in the educational function of traditional toys and outdoor games and those that stimulate creativity “- reported” The Sun “.

Prince George and his siblings are also forbidden to play cards and games such as Monopoly and Eurobiznes. It’s because games in which there is a need to speculate, gamble for money, or even cheat, are forbidden for royal children. Interestingly, many of these prohibitions will be maintained even when the boy grows up. Like his parents now, he will not be able to keep a personal account on social networks on the web. She will also never take a selfie in public. He will also be strictly forbidden to express himself on political topics and to present his views in public.

Prince George is bound by etiquette

The Duchess of Cambridge thinks it is important to educate children stress-free, but it is important to impose on them a home rhythm and rules that they must follow. That’s why Prince George, when he comes home from school, has to… read aloud for ten minutes. He also takes lessons in etiquette, learns the principles of royal protocol and savoir-vivre. From the age of five, the little prince is required to bow to the queen! During official meals, the royal children also sit at a separate table. They will be able to sit next to their parents only after they have learned about the conduct of official, polite conversations and the rules of such events.

After school, the little prince has more than just additional responsibilities. He also spends time developing his passions – he is learning Spanish with the help of nanny Maria Teresa Borrallo. He also plays tennis, plays with Lego bricks and spends time with his siblings. Recently, he received his first horse as a gift, which he has to care for.

He will have more and more official responsibilities

Prince George participates in important events from an early age. We have often known him posing with his parents on the balcony of Buckingham Palace or during the royal wedding of Princess Eugenia or Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. He has also made a few trips abroad, which for now are… holidays. With age, however, he will have to participate in more charity events, he will also start to be involved socially. During foreign trips or official visits to the country, he will greet foreign dignitaries. He will certainly be granted royal patronage as well.

It is known that the life of Prince George, unlike his younger siblings Charlotte and Louis, will be more subordinated to the monarchy. George is likely to follow in the footsteps of Harry’s father and uncle and serve in the British Army. Apparently, he is already showing interest in the uniform. As Prince William revealed in one of the interviews, his son would like to become … a policeman in the future. “George is obsessed with the police, police cars, toys, everything,” said the Duke of Cambridge.

It is also known where the future heir to the throne will study. His father enrolled him in the elite Eton school, which he himself graduated from. “Prince William enrolled Prince George at the college where he himself studied. William did not consider other universities. Eton was chosen, though Duchess Kate also thought of the Marlborough she attended she and her siblings and whom she adored, “the Daily Mail reported.

As you can see, Little Prince George’s life was meticulously planned in many respects. Not only when it comes to long or short pants.


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