Gianni Sperti: the break with Paola Barale | Finally the truth

Gianni Sperti: the break with Paola Barale | Finally the truth

Gianni Sperti is known for the role he had in Men and Women and for being the ex-husband of the beautiful Paola Barale. The two had a great love affair, which ended badly. What led them to break up?

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Gianni Sperti is a character on the Italian television scene, as a dancer he participated in many shows on Canale 5 throughout the nineties. Dance has been his great passion, which he has approached since he was just a little boy.

He is also known to have been a professional Amici dancer and today a columnist of Men and Women. He was married to Paola Barale, a bond which, unfortunately, did not last long.

Gianni Sperti and Paola Barale: a flash wedding

The former dancer and the showgirl have long occupied the worldly news of the times, young and beautiful lived their love fully, making everyone envy. The two they had met on a good Sunday quickly becoming friends, when they discovered that their relationship was different they joined in marriage in 1998.

The relationship, however, was short-lived, only three years, after which Barale had another very important affair with Raz Degan, whom she called “her great love”. When Gianni and Paola separated, the fans went crazy, they wanted to know the reasons at all costs, while the couple was very reserved.

Some time ago, however, the presenter confided in the weekly F to which she declared: “Gianni and I danced together on Buona Domenica and, dancing dancing, we reached the altar. I was 21 and very much in love. It lasted four years, then we got divorced. We got lost without him having left me at least one memory that was good“. Certainly very hard words, probably born from many misunderstandings and problems that a married couple can have in the first years. Some manage, with difficulty, to solve them, others like them do not.

The reasons for the lightning divorce have never been made 100% clear, but in another interview with Live-Non è la D’Urso the actress had explained that the columnist wanted a child, while she was not willing. “He had the idea of ​​having a child. But I worked harder and I believe that various guarantees are needed to have a child ”.

And what did Sperti reply? In a long interview with Novella 2000 he only had good words for the showgirl. He claimed to having only positive memories of his ex-wife. In short, for his part, no hard feelings.

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Gianni Sperti and Paola Barale today

The former contestant of the reality show La mole continues in his role of columnist to Men and Women, in the past he has been attributed many real or alleged flirtations, but it seems that for now he is single.

The presenter, after recovering from the end of the story with Raz Degan, which lasted until 2015, now has a new love: the VIP osteopath Marco Carollo.

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