Gims assumes his taste for bling-bling: “It’s justified, I come from far away”

In an interview with “Paris Match” – which he covers – on December 17, 2020, Gims says a little more about his image and the way in which he can be perceived by his fans. Having grown up in poverty, his wealth is today a beautiful revenge of which he is proud.
A past of radical Islamist, bling-bling as a trademark and an image of “singer with minettes”: Gims has – on paper – everything to be hated in France. Yet the numbers speak for themselves. Accumulating the diamond discs (it no longer counts those of platinum) and the largest concert halls in France sold-out in a few hours, Gims is undoubtedly very popular with the French.

In an interview with Paris Match on the occasion of the release of his album, Le Fléau , he explains that he has no problem with his image as a luxurious spendthrift singer. ” I don’t mind people saying I’m bling. It’s justified, I come from far away, I discovered this late but I also give, I have associations with my brother Dadju. Giving back is is a form of recognition ” , explains the one who does not spend a week without posing with a private jet on Instagram, to our colleagues.

But Gims is right to take advantage, he who lived his childhood in poverty , the bailiffs and the squats. “I don’t think it’s anything wrong to take a private plane or dress at Hermès. I don’t strut around saying, ‘Look I have this and it’s worth a lot.’ France creates weapons for success. Paris is bling, the Cannes Film Festival, Fashion weeks, luxury houses, it is bling too “, develops the interpreter of Sapés like never before.

A daily that clashes with that of its fans, some impoverished by the economic and health crisis. “In the Zénith, it’s the real France, it’s Monsieur Tout-le-Monde. These people come because the music transcends them, because they want to forget certain things. And they want to see the artist. I know that I create a lot of mysteries with my glasses, ” says Gims, still at Paris Match .

Aware of his differences with his audience, the member of the Sexion d’Assaut is the first to be surprised at his resounding success. ” The most loved black in the Central Massif. I still do not understand why so many whites love me “, he recalled in Christophe , with OrelSan , in 2017.

Find the interview with Gims in full in the December 17, 2020 issue of Paris Match .

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