Girkin went to fight. A large award was announced for him | A PHOTO

Girkin went to fight. A large reward was announced for him | PHOTOS

< p>Russian propagandists, calling themselves «military commissars», said that the terrorist Igor Girkin allegedly participates in the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. This, in particular, was stated on Telegram by propagandist Yuri Kotenok, referring to Maxim Fomin.

Kittenok said that Girkin had not published anything on Telegram since October 10. The terrorist's wife Miroslava Reginskaya on the social network «VKontakte» published a photo with him in military uniform, writing that he «will be in touch soon».

The MP from «European Solidarity&#187 reacted to the possible sending of Girkin to the war zone ; Alexey Goncharenko.

«They write that Strelkov was sent to the front to give lectures there. While this is being said by his henchmen, that is, the same war criminals. And it's still funny. Special Operation «Blogger» failed completely»,” he wrote on Telegram on October 14.

On October 15, he commented on a photo posted by Reginskaya.

«Wish me good luck in battle». It seems that in the near future we should not expect blogs from the terrorist Strelkov», – he wrote.

Activist Sergei Sternenko also reacted to information about the possible sending of Girkin to the war against Ukraine.

«They say that the war criminal Girkin went to the front. The news is good, because he will soon either die or be captured. Both options suit us»,” he wrote.

Sternenko offered 10,000 dollars to whoever captures Girkin alive. Singer and volunteer Taras Topolya offered to add $10,000 from himself and noted that the terrorist still had to testify about the downed Boeing MH-17 in Donbass.

Military Valery Markus added another $10,000 to the total amount. Sternenko drew attention to the fact that many people in the comments and replays also write about their willingness to pay to be able to take Girkin prisoner.

Girkin went to fight. A large award was announced for him | PHOTO

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