Girkin's friend handed over worn fur coats to the widows of “heroes of Novorossiya” | PHOTO

Girkin's friend donated worn fur coats to the widows of the

To the widows of the dead terrorists «LDNR» used fur coats were presented The corresponding photos were published by journalist Denis Kazansky.

According to him, the corresponding «gifts» handed over by the Russian «volunteer», a friend of the terrorist Igor Girkin (Strelkov) Yevgeny Skripnik.

«It would seem logical to give the widows money, not fur coats. Surely, they would have spent it on something else, more necessary in their current situation. But everyone understands why they give used fur coats and where they got these fur coats. Yes, yes, these are all from the houses of the “liberated” residents of Donbass. Something better — taken to Russia, home. What's worse — “to the widows of Novorossiya”, — notes the journalist.

Girkin's friend gave the widows of the

Girkin's friend gave the widows of «heroes New Russia» worn fur coats | PHOTO


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