“Give it to John Cena” – Universal Champion rejects WWE award

“Give it to John Cena” – Universal Champion rejects WWE award

The tribal chief, head of the table or universal champion with each passing day continues to demonstrate why he carries a championship as important as that of the blue brand of SmackDown. The fact comes when the face of the company that has taken his cousins ​​to the top and Paul Heyman having him with the title as if he were a toy begins to receive awards that recognize his work.

The award is for the best fighter of the first semester or half year within WWE itself. Organized by the talk show The Bump it is known as the Bumpy Award for Superstar of the Half-Year. This was the official announcement of the program so that the protagonist could find out.

The answer from the winner was not long in coming and the answer was going to impress more than one in the world of wrestling. This was the reaction of Roman Reigns himself when the news was known.

“So they have recognized me?” Reigns said. “Give it to John Cena. He needs your love more than I do.

A rivalry that began a couple of weeks ago but that with comments like his own certifies a rivalry between the two. The signing of the contract was slow in coming, but the opportunity given by Corbin for Cena was the starting point of something that can be extended to the end of August.

With this personal attack on the world-famous actor in Hollywood, he shows that the champion is impartial and heterogeneous to face anyone. Respect the opponent in front of him but make it clear that he will not do well if he wants his title.

Cena will have to work more on the promos if he wants to reach the level of the champion who with few words speaks more than himself Dinner with a mass bath that he has always had but that does not justify his participation in the universal championship in the hottest event of the summer.

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