Grigory Reshetnik – about the fate of the “Bachelor”, family relations and military duty

Grigory Reshetnik – about the fate of the

With Grigory Reshetnik, we planned to talk about everyday life things – about love, feelings … At a time when the phrase “how are you?” never carried such a deep meaning. On February 24-25, we wanted to record a conversation about the premiere of the reality show “The Bachelor” – it was supposed to take place in a week.

Today, with the host of the STB channel, we also talk about feelings – already a little different, but just as strong. After all, love, like light, will conquer darkness.

We do not abandon the idea of ​​showing the filmed season of The Bachelor

– Grisha, the war has taken away our usual television. Your new project “Yak ti?” – is this a kind of replacement for “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”?

– Rather, not a replacement, but an alternative to meeting our favorite heroes in wartime. We are starting this project with the participants of the romantic reality TV shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

We filmed the new season of The Bachelor, the premiere was supposed to be in March. Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine did not allow us to go on the air. But when the time comes, we will definitely show this season. We're not giving up on this idea because Season 12 is so cool.

The Yak Ti? project is probably similar in format to our post-show How to Get Married? – This is a room for communication with guests. Several programs have already been recorded, the first episode was released on May 28 on STB air, as well as on the official YouTube channel. This is our compliment and a gift to those fans of the project who have been asking us for more than a month to meet with the heroes of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelor”.

“The Bachelor” is about relationships between people. And now we need to talk about it too. Unfortunately, war is a test of relationships.

Interestingly, after we launched the announcements, other stars turned to us, ready to talk about their lives during the war and share their secrets. Therefore, I will be just happy if the project “Yak ti?” it will also grow into other heroes who did not participate in the “bachelor” reality.

– Don't you think that the filmed season of “The Bachelor” by the time it goes on air will no longer be so relevant? After all, fates could change over so much time.

– We want to show this season because we are very proud of it, it is very beautiful. And as for relevance – the theme of relationships, dates and love will always be relevant. Yes, the conditions and circumstances of life have changed, our participants are now in different places. But on the post-show “How to get married?” or in the project “Yak ti?” we'll still be in touch with them to share how their stories unfolded after February 24th.

“The Bachelor” is, in fact, not about the relevance of events, but about the relationship between people. And now it is also extremely necessary to talk about relationships. Unfortunately, war is a test of relationships, there are couples who cannot withstand difficult circumstances, but there are those whose relationships become even stronger. Therefore, we want to show that romance, love is there at any time. This is what helps us to hold on, to be stronger. These are the people for whom we defend our land.

Well, in my dreams, of course, to shoot a big project where our military heroes and heroines will become the main characters. Probably next year, because they are all protecting our country now.

Grigory Reshetnik – about the fate of «Bachelor», family relationships and military duty

The TV presenter says that the STB channel does not refuse to show the 12th season of the Bachelor reality show, the main character of which is Alex Topolsky. Photo:

– What I mean is that if you showed the project now, it would be one story where the couple would probably be together, but over time everything could be the other way around.

– We do not have a goal for the couple, after waiting for the final post-show, to talk about the wedding or that they are expecting a baby. In love, the most important thing is the process. In the process, you build your life, relationships, make mistakes, draw conclusions, even change yourself. And we show this process. But we always hope that love will win in the end. I want to believe that both the Bachelor and the girls will endure all the trials of the war, and we will definitely meet in a separate issue.

– Who in the future could be the heroes of the project among both girls and guys? In whom did you see an interesting candidate during this time? And if earlier the project manager Anna Kalina said that in Ukraine her team had probably already met all the spectacular single men, but now, I think, the situation has changed. We all saw how many charismatic cool men we have. And girls!

– The situation here is difficult, because Reshetnik is married, Arestovich is married, Topolya is married, we all have many children (laughs).

Who is a celebrity? It is even difficult for me to voice names, because I admire my colleagues and do not want to single out anyone or give certain hopes. Otherwise, I’ll say in an interview, and then they call me on the phone and say: “Grisha, when is the shooting already” (laughs)?

I admire all colleagues, our unity, especially those who have found the strength to stay in the country despite any circumstances and help here and now on our territory. Those who went to the terrorist defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It happens that they reproach me: “Grigory, why are you not on the front line”? But I am “fighting” on the information front, helping the country by raising funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine at charity events, doing volunteer work, and I feel the strength to do it well.

Grigory Reshetnik – on the fate of «Bachelor», family relationships and military duty

Gregory with his wife Kristina. Photo:

The first two weeks I didn’t even go outside

– By the way, you are a father of many children and could leave the country with Christina . Why did they stay, and with the whole family?

– Kristina left for Ivano-Frankivsk, but there are also constant sirens. Our average Dimul reacts especially hard to them at night.

To be honest, I am the kind of person who finds it difficult to live for a long time apart from the family. I want my wife and children to be next to me, but these are not my selfish intentions – they say, endure for the sake of my ego and for the sake of my opinion. We decide everything collectively, and Kristinka also supported that we should be together in Ukraine. There is something to help here.

In the first days I was broken, did not understand what was happening, did not know what to do next. For the first two weeks, I didn't even go outside. And then the children and I went for a walk around the city center, and people came up and said: “Grigory, thank you for being here. You are an inspiration.” And I realized that people also need such things as being together in Ukraine. We all want to be in our native land.

– How do you explain to children what is happening?

– It's very difficult emotionally. Especially when they ask: “Dad, when will we go back to school, to our friends, when will we go to our children's room.” Now we left them with our grandparents, and we ourselves came to Kyiv to shoot and for two days we have been doing video broadcasting from their children's room. We call up via video link, they say what toys to show them, we show them, assemble Lego, design some toys, and they seem to play with them remotely.

When we went to the Czech Republic, the first thing Dimul asked was: “ Dad, are there sirens here? I say no, they are not here. To which he: “How is it? And what – there is no war?

We try to make them see as few horrific shots as possible, we don’t whip up aggression, which is already seething in every adult. But they know that there is a war, they want to deprive the health of all the leaders of an invading country, they know how fighters fly.

We set them up for victory. But all the same, to the question – dad, when will the war end, when will we return to our house – it is difficult to find answers. However, we understand that there are many families who find it even more difficult. And we try to explain this to our children. We help families with small children and tell our families that there are children who do not have toys, clothes, so that they understand that someone suffers even more.

When we went to the Czech Republic, where I was holding a charity event, the first thing I asked Dimul: “Dad, are there sirens here”? I say no, they are not here. To which he: How is it? And what – there is no war? He was so happy. And when we were already returning, he even had a fever, he began to act up. In psycho-emotional terms, it is difficult for them.

The most important thing is to support children. If possible, try to ensure that they see as little as possible various horrifying images on TV and the Internet, distract them – read, walk, play sports or just play with them if possible.

– Have your relationships changed? with Christina during the war?

– Thanks to God, we had a good relationship even before the war. I really appreciate, respect and love Christina very much. And the war brought us even closer.

These were insane trials, a 20-hour evacuation… But it was complete trust – when you are silent, but you understand that your loved one is next to you. Yes, it is difficult for us, we are thinking about how to teach children, how to earn money, to help those who need it. Constant daily challenges. And we, as public people, still need to find the energy to inspire others. This is also our responsibility as opinion leaders who have their own audience. Sorry, maybe this sounds pathetic.

Of course, when you are three months 24/7 with your family, parents, one way or another it happens that you do not have enough space. It's not easy for Kristinka either, she needs her own comfort zone, space, free time.

We try to understand these moments, sometimes we sort things out in discussions, but all these are point moments. The war has further emphasized how much we love each other. Everyone wants us a daughter, procreation. We really want to, but after the Victory.

Grigory Reshetnik – on the fate of «Bachelor», family relationships and military duty

According to the TV presenter, he and his wife decided to go to Irpen so that tomorrow they would not forget what is happening today. Photo:

As soon as there is a need for my strength, I will definitely defend the country

– You went to Irpen. Many say that Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel and other destroyed cities are such pain points that not everyone can stand it. Why did you decide to go?

– We decided to go to feel this pain to the maximum, so that it would be imprinted in our memory for a long time, so that tomorrow we would not forget what is happening today. Life hasn't gotten better yet – and you can't relax.

We came to Irpen at the invitation of friends who live there. We helped them evacuate from Irpen, because they were 9 months pregnant, and Grads had already begun to arrive on their street.

There are some truly horrific footage. We were at a time when the bodies had already been removed from the streets, but at home and the whole atmosphere suggests that this should not be the case in the 21st century. And although I was internally prepared that this was not an easy trip, it is still difficult to be aware that such things are actually happening.

I have the rank of “reserve lieutenant”, I am a military psychologist. As soon as the turn comes, I will definitely defend the country. But today I can help more in my place.

The brain refuses to accept it. These are the horrors and great tragedies of many people.

Someone wrote to me: “Let's go for beautiful photos.” This is not true. This is a message to those people who do not feel this war here and now, who may now live in safer places – nothing is over yet!

– Your colleague and friend Hector Jimenez-Bravo received military training to defend the country when needed. Although before that I could not even imagine him with a weapon in his hands. Have you thought about this?

– I call Hector a Colombian with a Ukrainian heart, because he is a very brave person, organizes many different charity events, I am proud of him, he really lives in Ukraine.

I passed the military department at Desna, studied at the military department at the university, I have the title of “reserve lieutenant”, I am a military psychologist. As soon as the turn comes, according to the law, of people like me, as soon as there is a need for my strength, I will definitely defend the country. I am aware of this. I feel in myself the strength to pass the retraining. But today I can help more in my place.

And until my turn comes, I must direct all my strength to what I can do best. As soon as the state needs my presence at the front line or at headquarters, I will be there, like all men. I just don't want to be a hero, I don't want to talk, but act, but I'm ready for action. We are the only country.

Grigory Reshetnik – on the fate of «Bachelor», family relationships and military duty

“I feel strong enough to retrain. But today I can help more in my place,” Grigory Reshetnik says. Photo: STB

– You and Nadya Matveyeva are running the column “The Incredible Truth About Ukrainians”. Whose story impressed you the most?

– This is the wedding of nurse Oksana from Lisichansk, who lost both legs and fingers of one hand due to the explosion. Their wedding dance is right to tears. Love in spite of everything is very inspiring.

– Everyone says that you should try to live. When did you start to live a little?

– We have not yet begun to live fully. Gradually, somehow he continued to live, raising children, helping friends, acquaintances, doing volunteer work. That is, there are inner experiences, but there are also those things that I must do here and today.

We will be able to start living to the fullest only after the Victory, after the return of our territories. I firmly believe in this.

If you have completely lost your job, then look for help from the state or funds, do not be shy, look for new opportunities, do not expect everything to happen by itself after the Victory.

Motivation is my relatives, parents, whom I evacuated from my native Nikolaev from the bombings, these were very difficult moments.

Everyone should gradually try to find strength in themselves, not to drive themselves into depression , look for positive moments, no matter how difficult it is.

If you have completely lost your job, then look for help from the state or funds, do not be shy, look for new opportunities, do not expect everything to happen by itself after the Victory. Gradual consistent work on yourself is very important. I don't expect a specific day to come and we all start to renew ourselves.

– Victory Day – how do you envision it? What are you dreaming of?

– Probably, like everyone else, to gather with friends, relatives at a large table. I want to hug all our heroes, launch all our favorite projects, rejoice, travel around Ukraine, peaceful, safe, not to hear sirens, not to hide in bomb shelters.

I hope we will drive these invaders out very soon. I would like to return to a stable, full life in our beautiful country.

I think that at first there will be a wow effect, everyone should release energy, we will make an all-Ukrainian celebration, and then we will all get to work – we will raise the country in our own direction . But already, I think, with the new rules, drawing conclusions. In restoring your state, you need to be bolder, be able to take responsibility and rely only on yourself.

Grigory Reshetnik – about the fate of the

With Hector Jimenez-Bravo and family – wife Christina and sons Ivan, Dmitry and Alexander. Photo:

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